The Best Halloween Costumes for Every Body Type


plus-costumesWhen it comes to fashion you probably know that different clothes look best on different body types. Everyone has a different body type, and clothes fall differently and look different on everyone. Dressing for your body type is important if you want to look your best for work or at a party. It’s also important when you are choosing a Halloween costume. That doesn’t mean you can’t be anything you want to be for Halloween. You can choose any character that you want as the basis for your Halloween costume. But when you are choosing a costume or creating a costume follow some simple style rules to make sure that the costume you wear flatters your body type. Then you will get the kind of spectacular costume that you can’t wait to post on Facebook or Instagram. Here are some tips for choosing a costume that will look great on your body type:

Triangle Body Shape
Women with a triangle shape are slim through the arms and shoulders, have short to average torsos, but have curvy hips and fuller thighs. In order to create a balanced figure if you have a triangle body shape you should choose costumes that have layers or volume on top. Peasant blouses, embellished tops, or layered looks will help create a balanced figure. Stick with boot cut pants or leggings, A line skirts or dresses and emphasis your waist with a belt. Empire waist dresses are also good for a triangle figure.

Circle Body Shape
If you have a circle body shop you are probably carrying most of your weight in your torso and hips. In order to create the most flattering look possible you want to create some structure and make your figure look more like an hourglass. Wear heels to add height and emphasize your legs. Or you can wear skinny jeans, leggings, leather pants or any type of tight pant. Short A Line or flowing skirts will also look great on your body. Go for some structure on top with jackets, structured tops, corsets, and slim fitting tops. Avoid belts that will make you look like you’ve been cut in half visually. Focus on making your silhouette long and lean.

Hourglass Body Shape
If you have the coveted hourglass body type you should flaunt it. Body skimming skirts and dresses will show off your figure. Just make sure that you plusare choosing clothes that will keep your body in balance. Wearing costumes that are two pieces will help keep you looking balanced. Pencil skirts and regular cut pants will flatter your curves. Stay away from empire waists that can make your bottom half look fuller than it is. Wear belts that show off your waist and emphasize your curves. A line dresses and skirts are flattering on all body types.

Rectangle Body Shape
If you have a rectangle body shape then you should wear costumes that will create the illusion of a curvier figure. Structured clothes will help you create curves. Corsets are great for people with rectangle body shapes because they visually create curves. Stay away from clothing that is flowy like empire waist dresses and tops unless you pair them with a vest, waist cincher, or other structured piece to create the look of curves. Wide belts, high waist pants and high heels can all help you create a stunning look too. One piece jumpsuits with a belt or other accent pieces will flatter your body type. You can also wear Roaring 20s inspired retro looks that were made to flatter a rectangle figure.

Using Accessories
No matter what your body type is you can use accessories to help you create the look of the shape that you want. You can wear wigs and hairpieces to help balance out a heavier bottom. Necklaces and boas, hats and fascinators, and scarves can all help provide balance for people who are smaller on top than on bottom as well. High heels will make you look taller and leaner no matter what your figure is so invest in some comfortable heeled shoes or boots to wear with your costume. You can also use props like wings, weapons, cloaks and other items to pull your costume together and make you look great.