Bears that Scare: Monster Teddy Bears


Few things can scare people the way that monsters in the form of children’s toys can scare them. Perhaps because childhood is supposed to be a time of happy innocence and childhood toys are supposed to evoke a sense of happy nostalgia seeing monster teddy bears and possessed dolls and other terrors that take the form of children’s toys is doubly frightening. Horror movie directors, cartoon creator and other artists know this too and use some of the most iconic childhood toys, like teddy bears, to create monsters that will cause nightmares in even the most stoic adults. It’s fun to use items from childhood to scare people, especially around Halloween.

The teddy bear is one of the most iconic childhood toys. Almost everyone has had a teddy bear at some point their lives. deadybearSome adults even collect them, and there is nothing more terrifying than the idea of a roomful of teddy bears coming to life with the intent to do harm. Teddy bears are a relatively new child’s toy and were not made popular until after Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency. According to teddy bear lore when Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting trip there was no big game to be found. Eventually the hunting party found a bear and they cornered it and told then President Roosevelt to shoot the bear so he would have a hunting trophy from the trip. The President refused because the bear was docile and helpless. When the story of the President’s kindness towards animals got out a storekeeper decided to start selling small stuffed bears as “Teddy’s bears” to honor the President. The bears caught on and became one of the most popular childhood toys of all time.

So it’s only fitting that a teddy bear as the villain of a graphic novel, cartoon, horror movie or creepy TV show would terrify people so much more than a villain in another form would. Many adults who are not scared by horror movies cringe when children’s toys like dolls or teddy bears come to life on screen. One of the most famous horror movies, Poltergeist, has an incredibly scary scene where a clown doll in the bedroom of the children in the house comes to life, and slowly other toys comes to life as well including a teddy bear. Watching that part of the movie scared many adults more than anything else in the film because it’s terrifying to have something that you associate with love and security become evil and threatening.

So if you want to terrify your friends and family members this Halloween create some creepy teddy bears that you can use to scare them. Or you can try find animatronic teddy bears, such as the popular 80s toy Teddy Ruxpin, which many people still can’t be around without feeling creeped out and edgy. Halloween is a perfect time to show your friends and family members just how scary teddy bears and other childhood toys can be.