Adult Halloween Party


Halloween is getting closer and closer and even if it may seem that you’ve got a long way to go until the 31st of October, the truth is that the date is closer to you than it adult-halloweenmay appear at first. If you want to throw a party nobody will forget, then you should make sure to plan things out ahead of time because every single detail will matter. Read on and find out the best tips on how to throw a fantastic Halloween party for all your friends.

  1. Pick a Theme. Hosting a Halloween party without an actual theme is fine, but if you want people to remember your party for the years to come, choosing a theme will be a very good idea. There are a huge number of possibilities when it comes to this and as long as you unleash your creativity, you can come up with your own great ideas as well. Here are some you may want to take into consideration (even if just for the sake of inspiring yourself a bit):
  • Dead celebrities. Nothing is more fabulous than being a celebrity – even if you’re a dead one. Imagine your house filled with Marilyn Monroes, Michael Jacksons, Elvis Presleys and John Lennons and you will definitely think this is a great idea.
  • Favorite movie/TV show. Pick your favorite movie or TV show and host a party with a theme based on it. If you don’t want to see too many people dressed the same (and they will probably not like it either), then choose a top of your favorite movies or TV shows and go with them – but make sure to let your guests know of this ahead of time so that they can come up with some great costumes!
  • Vampires, werewolves, fairies and other fantastic beings. Shows like True Blood have really stirred the fascination we all have with the supernatural and it will definitely be a great idea to host a party based on these beings.
  • Toga party/ ancient life. Fascinated with the Romans or Egyptians? Host such a party and you will have the chance to be part of that era together with your friends – even if just for a night.
  • Mystery murder. If you’re into Agatha Christie’s novels and into Sherlock Holmes’ adventures, then a mystery “murder”-themed party will definitely be extremely fun for you.

  1. Pay attention to the menu. One of the best things about Halloween is related to the fact that you really cannot go over the top with your preparations. For instance, orange frosted cupcakes will go very well with spider-shaped jellies and the punch will look very good with Halloween-themed decorations as well. Also, think of the smaller things such as the plastic cups, the napkins and the bottles and choose to have them decorated in orange, black and red, since these are the most popular “Halloween colors”. Think of fun Halloween-themed menus and make your good spookily delicious!
  2. The decorations. If you choose to go with a particular theme for your party, then make sure that your décor will go perfectly with it. For instance, for a party with dead celebrities, make sure that you will have plenty of spooky “afterworld” related things. For a toga party, decorate your entire house with Roman motifs. Allow your imagination to go wild. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on this as long as you are a bit creative.
  3. The music. What’s a party without the right music? Of course, you will want to make sure that Michael Jackson’s Thriller will not miss from your playlist, but other than that, go for the kind of music you know for sure everyone will enjoy. Top 40s is a good idea, but if you know your guests listen to different types of music then do go for them. You really want to make sure that everyone will feel perfect at the party you will be hosting so bring together as many songs as possible.

The key to a good party is having as much fun as possible, so allow yourself to have fun with the preparations as well. If you put passion and dedication into organizing this party, you will most likely impress everyone invited!


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