5 Ways Photographers Can Use Costumes in Photos


baby-costumesIf you are a photographer and you want to create a signature style for your photos to attract more customers and make your photos unique you can use costumes in your photos. Props and costumes have never been more important for photographers to use. Photos that you take for clients will inevitably end up on social media. When your photos get liked and shared it builds your reputation as a photographer and shows potential clients what your niche is. Choosing a good niche and using costumes and creative sets to take photos in that niche is a really smart way to brand your business.

Holiday costumes and other costumes are a great way to make your photos really stand out. Customers will love being able to choose from different costumes to create photos that will really express their personalities and make their photos special. Discuss with potential clients what types of costumed photo shoots they would be interested in doing. If they are not sure you can use any of these suggestions to inspire them and you to create gorgeous costumed photo shoots:

Holiday themed costume photos might seem like a no-brainer for major holidays like Christmas or Easter. But what about smaller holidays? Taking photos of families or individuals in other holiday costumes can make for some great photos too. Valentine’s Day costumes, Fourth of July costumes and Thanksgiving costumes can all be used to create unusual and creative photos. Those are the kinds of photos that people will really notice on social media. If you want to get more likes and shares start suggesting costumed photos for all holidays not just for Christmas.

Kid Photos
Kids in costumes always create adorable photos. Newborns in creative bunting costumes, toddlers dressed in animal costumes or in costumes of cowboys, ballerinas and other childhood favorites are sure to thrill parents. It’s also a lot easier to photograph kids when they are dressed up in costumes and playing rather than trying to pose them. You can also use costume accessories like bows, gloves, tights and jewelry to dress up kids in fun ways for photos.

These days it’s not unusual for people to want high quality photos of their pets. Whether the photos are for social media or just portraits to frame and keep a lot more people are turning to professional photographers to get fun pet photos. Dressing up pets in cute costumes will make the owners happy and give them some really adorable photos to keep. If you are a pet photographer you can also use pet costumes to help homeless pets get adopted. Studies have proved that professional quality photos of pets in costumes lead to more pet adoptions than regular photos. People are much more likely to share photos of pets on social media when they are dressed up and that can save the lives of homeless pets.

Couples Photos
The trend of people taking photos wearing animal head masks started with couples who wanted their photos to stand out from the millions of other engagement and wedding photos. You can start your own trend by suggesting that couples dress in unique costumes or wear unique masks when they are getting engagement or wedding photos done. Work with each couple individually to find a costume piece that works for them and expresses their personality. You could fill a niche by taking costumed engagement and wedding photos for couples who pride themselves on being a little offbeat and a little trendy.

Pregnancy Announcement Photos
A huge market for pregnancy announcement photos has sprung up thanks to social media. Finding cute ways to announce a pregnancy has become big business for photographers. Because social media is so important in people’s lives they want professional quality pregnancy announcement photos that they can share with family and friends to announce their new addition. Dressing the parents or siblings in costumes makes it easy to find fun and unique themes to create individualized pregnancy photos for families. The families will love having announcement photos that inspire envy on social media.