5 Hot Halloween Party Themes


The Walking Dead costumeAre you tired of throwing the same old Halloween party every year? Do you want to be the one who throws the best Halloween party on the block? Change your theme this year and get creative. Changing the theme for your party will give you the chance to create some amazing decorations that will wow your guests. The classic Halloween party themes like witches, vampires and serial killers are fun but they have been done to death. Take advantage of the chance to take your Halloween party to the next level with these 5 fantastic on-trend Halloween party themes:

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead gets bigger and more popular every year, and it’s the perfect inspiration for a Halloween party because there are so many cool and scary variations you can choose. Setting the Halloween party in a post-apocalyptic world means that you don’t have to clean for the party, in fact some dirt is just more atmosphere. You can use amazing digital effects to simulate walkers trying to break into the house or garage, wherever you decide to set up your own safe zone. You can dress up as a survivor or as a zombie. You can play party games to decide who stays as part of the group and who gets fed to the walkers. Food and drinks can be prepared in industrial looking containers, or you can buy some MRE’s and pre-packaged survival foods to feed guests as a joke. Just make sure that you do have some really tasty food as well as the MREs. If you and your friends are hard core Walking Dead fans you can even spend some time Cosplaying your favorite Walking Dead characters.

Fairy Tales
Think you’re too old for a fairy tale themed Halloween? You’re not. Fairy tales are back in a big way this year with movies like Maleficent and a live action Cinderella and another Snow White film on the way. Now that you’re grown up you can leave the pink gowns and fairy dust behind and have a party that celebrates the spectacular and spooky world of the Brothers Grimm and the original fairy tales. Originally fairy tales were warnings to children not to misbehave, so go back to Grimm’s tales and pick out some dark and delightful tales to inspire your guests to create stunning fantasy costumes fit for a princess or a knight.

Remember when you were little and used to go out Trick or Treating with your friends then little red riding hoodsettle in for a night of Halloween classics? Recreate that for your friends with a retro Halloween themed party. Set up candy stations so that the guests can Trick or Treat all night long. Stock up on the candy that you loved as a child and make a few retro inspired cocktails. Then get everyone settled in front of the TV to watch classics like the It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and the Wizard of Oz. You can throw in a few modern classics too like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a couple cheezy horror movies to keep everyone happy. Your friends will love it.

csi costumeCSI
If you and your friends are nerdy types who love science a CSI style Halloween party will be a lot of fun. Set up some actual forensic experiments that your guests can perform on themselves or each other. Serve food and drinks in beakers and test tubes. There are a lot of ways to make a forensic science party cutting edge cool. When the excitement starts to wind down settle in to watch CSI or Orphan Black, an action oriented fast paced show that contains some serious science.

Which Witch
If you still love the classics and want to just put a new spin on an old classic you can throw a Witch party for Halloween. Everyone will have to dress up as a famous or infamous witch, a famous devil, or something attributed to a witch like a cauldron, a bat, or a black cat. Guests will have a fantastic time finding a witch they want to dress up. Some inspired choices would be Samantha from Bewitched, the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, or Beelzebub from Bedazzled. Any witch or devil in any book, movie or TV show is allowed.