5 Fun Halloween Party Themes for Kids


pumpkin costumeHalloween is the time to celebrate all things scary, but if you are hosting a kid friendly Halloween party you don’t want it to be so scary that it’s inappropriate for kids. If you want to have a kids party or a family friendly event leave the scary stuff until later in the evening when the kids have gone to bed. Planning a Halloween party for kids meaning focusing on the fun aspects of Halloween like wearing costumes and eating candy. If you are going Trick or Treating as a group activity then you don’t even need to worry about planning party favors. If you are not going Trick or Treating a candy bar where kids can choose their own candy and fill their own Trick or Treat bags is a great way to keep the spirit of Halloween going. Here are some fun and kid friendly Halloween party themes:

Jack O Lantern Party

If your party is going to be near Halloween but not actually on Halloween a Jack O Lantern Party is a lot of fun. Kids can come dressed up if they want. You can have a face painter create different Jack O Lantern faces on their faces. As the main party activity you can supply pumpkins and art supplies and kids create their Jack O Lanterns. Use paint, glitter, and stickers instead of carving the pumpkins if the kids are on the younger side. If you do decide to carve the pumpkins have plenty of pumpkin carving kits with stencils but be sure to always have an adult do the carving. Roast the pumpkin seeds with some salt and pepper for a tasty snack.

Costume Swap

If you want to have a fun kids Halloween party and save money this year host a costume swap a week or so before Halloween. Have everyone that is monster costumecoming to the party bring all their old Halloween costumes, masks, wigs and accessories as well as any outgrown clothing and shoes. Guests can sort through the costumes and pick out a new costume from among all the old ones. Costume swaps are a great way to reuse costumes that your kids wore once and don’t want to wear again. Afterward you can donate the leftover costumes and clothes. Donate hats and other accessories to your local animal shelter so they can photograph the animals up for adoption in costume. Studies show that animals photographed in cute costumes get adopted much faster than those with just plain photos.

Halloween Toy Party

If you have a child that has allergies or other conditions that make Trick or Treating a really scary event for parents you know how tough Halloween can be. To make it safe for your child to celebrate Halloween you can host your own Halloween Toy Party where kids will get toys instead of candy as treats and all the food will be allergy friendly. Have the kids dress up in costume and play games that they can win prizes for instead of taking them out Trick or Treating.

Monster Mash Bash

carnivalKids love to dress up as monsters but if you want to make Halloween fun and not scary for younger kids hold a Monster Mash Bash where kids can dress up as their favorite monsters from books, movies, and TV shows. Play fun Halloween music and have everyone dance and sing. A karaoke machine is a great choice for a party like this. You can read some of the kids favorite stories like Where the Wild Things Are and have the kids dressed as Wild Things act out appropriate parts.


Kid Friendly Carnival

Kids love carnivals and you can create some fun carnival games that have Halloween themes for them to play. Candy and Halloween toys along with stuffed animals can be the prizes they get for winning the carnival games. You can buy orange and black tickets that they can use to play games, see puppet shows, and turn in for food and drinks. You can even set up a tent in the yard with Halloween lights and set up the games in there to make it more festive.