One of the biggest major motion pictures of the year is DC Comics Suicide Squad. The highly anticipated film was met with much attention from super fans and is predicted to be one of the best set of costume ideas for this Halloween season. The characters are both fun and unpredictable which is one of the reasons that fans are so fascinated with the Suicide Squad. The film is centered around a group of otherwise villains and pairs them up with one another to defeat evil. Going against the traditional good guy versus bad guy is what gives this film its unique flavor. If you are thinking of recreating one of the characters in Suicide Squad, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below is some helpful information to get you pointed in the right direction so that you will have a successful costume. You can even pull some of these costumes off if you are on a budget. Do some research first to figure out just what components you will need to complete the look. You can choose to do a DIY project, but ordering individual pieces online or you can go shop on a specialty costume site and find a complete set. Either way with a bit of effort you will be a Halloween hit.

Check out the most recent trailer to get pumped for putting together your awesome Halloween costume this year.

Each character listed below has an addition DIY Halloween costume resource page for you to access tutorials, more info, places to buy certain items, etc. Be sure to check out your characters individual resource page!

Harley Quinn

Creative Harley Quinn DIY Halloween Costume for 2016

You know what they say about the crazy ones…?

Get everything you’ll need to pull off this awesome Halloween costume at the Harley-Quinn-Suicide-Squad DIY Halloween costume resource page. 

Captain Boomerang

Get everything you need to pull off an awesome Captain Boomerang at the Captain-Boomerang-Suicide-Squad DIY Halloween costume resource page.

Lead the Squad this Halloween as Captain Boomerang



The Enchantress has been featured in comics for decades. She was a regular woman named June Moone. She is invited to a costume party in an old castle where she roams away from the group and encounters a spirit that gives her supernatural abilities to fight evil spirits in the castle. In Suicide Squad she is having trouble controlling her powers. She is unstable and has to have help to keep herself from becoming completely evil. Her costume is a bit revealing and dark in nature. This costume really fits the feel of Halloween and for, those that are, adventurous enough will be a satisfying choice which will attract quite a bit of attention. It is important to get the makeup just right with this one which includes the hair and bangs or you might be mistaken for a zombie or some other spooky character. If you have light colored hair you will want to purchase a temporary black hair color or find a good wig that is designed for this costume. You can most likely find one online. You probably want to avoid trying to modify a wig that was not designed for the Enchantress costume. It might seem tempting but it really has the potential to backfire. Consult a good makeup tutorial so that you can feel confident when you wear the costume.

You can find all that and more on the Enchantress full DIY Halloween Costume resource page here. 


Deadshot has been a nemesis of Batman for many years. Portrayed by Will Smith in Suicide Squad this deadly accurate marksman has a very recognizable costume. The character has a painful past as he accidentally killed his own brother whom he was trying to save from their abusive father. He tries to shoot the father and misses and shoots and kills his brother. This event sends him into a reckless cycle and creates the character that boasts that he never misses. His costume is a red and black jumpsuit with body armor and a red focusing eyepiece to aid in his shooting abilities. This is a costume that is best purchased as a set but if you like making your own costumes in order to look more authentic or original, here is also a link to a costume tutorial that will tell you what individual pieces you would need to purchase online that would make a good DIY Deadshot costume. Many online retailers are offering the complete costume but they also carry all of the individual pieces outlined to make your own. The eyepiece could be made yourself if you have a creative flair and like to take on fun projects. A good pair of combat boots would complete the look. It is also recommended that you order the leg gun belt as it might be difficult but not impossible to recreate. This costume is one of the more intricate on the list, but it will also be very satisfying to be able to do a great job of recreating it.

Check out the Deadshot-Suicide-Squad DIY Halloween costume resource page for tutorials and much more. 

Rick Flagg

Killer Croc

The Killer Croc character is a supervillian and an apiring Gotham city crim kingpin. Born with the name Waylon Jones, he is born with a genetic conditions called atavism that causes him to take on reptilian characteristics such as scally skin and a bad temperment. His character has deteriorated over time to more embody his repitilian tendancies. He is also known to be the enemy of Bane which is another DC Comics character. He has retreated to the sewers to escape capture which enraged him further. The costume can be accomplished in a DIY fashion by ordering the components from an online retailer. In this, way you can find all of the parts of the costume easily without having to go all over your city shopping. You can also order complete costumes off of the internet that are affordable and look good. Pay close attention to the makeup however. It is important to be able to distinguish the scales on the skin so that the costume does not get confused or look like a zombie. Find a good makeup tutorial and follow the instructions closely. It is a good idea to somehow use a brighter color to highlight the individual scales so that they don’t blend in when in dim lighting on Halloween night. Make sure to acquire a good brown hoodie which is also one of the Suicide Squad Killer Croc identifying pieces. As long as the makeup and the hoodie are right the rest of the look can be a bit more forgiving if necessary. This is a fun and overall easy look if you don’t mind having to wear makeup all night. In all the look should take between thirty minutes to one hour to achieve which of course will be mostly the makeup application process. Although this is not the easiest Suicide Squad costume to achieve because of the heavy emphasis on detailed makeup, it is one of the ones that will make the most visual impact.

You will find an entire collection of tutorials for creating the ultimate Killer-Croc-Suicide-Squad costume on the DIY Halloween Killer-Croc-Suicide-Squad costume guide here.



The Katana character made her debut in the DC Comics series in 1983. The character was then given her own series in 2013 which ran for a total of ten issues. She was selected to be one of the many fascinating characters in the new Suicide Squad movie. Katana is highly trained Samurai swordsman whose real name is Tatsu and was trained by Tadashi a skilled Samurai. She trains with Tadashi after losing her children and husband Maseo to his scheming, jealous brother Maseo that was in love with her. She chose his brother Maseo to marry so he took vengeance upon Katana and continues to follow her to exact his revenge. She moved to America to fight for justice and ends up working with Batman. Her character uses a pair of cursed swords that has imprisoned the spirit of her husband as well as others. The sword is know as the “soultaker” for that reason. She can be seen as one of the many interesting characters in Suicide Squad. One of the most important features of her costume is the partial mask that she wears. This feature alone will identify her character. You can try to make the mask yourself if you feel fairly confident, but you can also easily obtain a more polished looking version from a major online retailer. Be sure not to forget the pair of swords that she carries as this is another key piece of her look. She wears her hair in a short black bob style which can be achieved easily with a wig. Her hair style is on the more common side so that should not be an issue. The most notable part of Katana’s look is her special black jacket with a floral print. This is not really a jacket that can be easily handmade. You would be better off at least ordering that particular piece of the costume from an online retailer. The whole costume can be purchased for a reasonable price which makes this a stylish, and easy to pull off Halloween costume. If you choose to just order the jacket you can purchase some form fitting skinny pants or leggings and black boots. She also wears a white bandeau top underneath her trademark jacket. This is one of the easiest in the Suicide Squad costumes to attempt because there is no need for intricate or heavy makeup. The essential components of this costume rely on the outfit and the mask.

You can find makeup tutorials for Katana and much more on the Katana-Suicide-Squad DIY Halloween costume resource page here.

El Diablo

The Suicide Squad character has been around since 1970. In this edition, Diablo is an ex-gangster named Chato Santana. He can become fire and created instant flames. He was paralyzed by injuries from gunshot wounds and happened to be placed in a hospital room with the original Diablo, Lazarus Lane, who passes his pyrokinesis on to Chato. Chato killed innocent people and allowed himself to be sent to prison. He is selected to become part of the Squad and plays an integral component in the movie.

If you are interested in becoming this dynamic squad member, you will need to acquire a few key elements to the overall appearance. Most notably you will need to draw the appropriate tattoos. El Diablo is covered all over with tattoos, but the most prominent tattoo is the skull tattoo that covers his face. You can attempt your own tattoo if you have a creative flair and a steady hand, or you can invest in tattoos that can be found online on a major retail site. El Diablo’s clothing can be bought easily on Amazon or Ebay which is ideal for those individuals that want to remain comfortable on Halloween. The costume is relatively simple and consists of a varsity jacket, a white tank top, gray slacks, and white sneakers. Luckily there is a wide variety of these items for sale, and there are deals to be found if you are on a budget. Be sure to consult a quality tutorial to make sure that you get the look right so that there will be no mistaking what your costume is. You can order a complete costume so you can do one stop shopping, but if you are having trouble getting your hands on a complete costume, you could also try to order a football jock costume jacket and add the Diablo label yourself. The rest of the items will be easy enough to find.

This character costume idea is on fire! 😉 This is a pretty straight forward DIY Halloween Costume.

Get the full El-Diablo-Suicide-Squad DIY Halloween Costume resource here.


Get the entire bag of tricks on our Suicide-Squad-Joker DIY Halloween costume resource page here. 

Whatever your style there is a Suicide Squad Costume to match. The characters have a wide range of looks from conservative to super sexy. When choosing your costume you should consider how comfortable you will feel wearing the appropriate costume pieces. If you are planning on being outside for Halloween, you might want to choose a Suicide Squad Costume that will keep you warm in case the weather is on the chilly side. If you are confident and don’t have the weather to contend with you can choose one of the more daring costumes. Be sure to pay special attention to makeup if the character is based heavily on a specific look that requires it. If not you may be mistaken for another character entirely. It is also a good idea to purchase quality materials and costumes from a reputable online retailer. With a bit of elbow grease and a few carefully planned pieces you will be able to pull off your favorite Suicide Squad costume with ease.

Be sure to let us know if we missed any characters you’d love to see showcased here and be sure to share pictures or video of your Suicide Squad DIY Halloween costume!


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