The Hulk is a large, green, angry monster who spends most of his time running around, smashing things and roaring. As a result, the character’s a big hit with young boys and one that they’ll have no trouble getting into character for on October 31st.

As a character, the Hulk has been around since 1962 and made his first appearance in the Marvel comic books as the alter ego of the mild mannered physicist Bruce Banner. Banner transforms into the Hulk when placed under emotional stress and once transformed, he becomes wild and uncontrollable. Since his original appearance in the comics, the Hulk has been portrayed across a wide range of media forms including cartoons, live actions TV shows and more recently two big budget movies – Hulk in 2003 and The Incredible Hulk in 2008. However, his most famous recent appearance was in the highly successful 2012 movie – The Avengers. As a result, interest in the Hulk has never been higher and with a sequel to The Avengers on the way in 2015 and with rumors of a new Hulk movie being in the works, this popularity is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This makes the Hulk an excellent Halloween costume for your child which they’re sure to love and which will go down extremely well with their friends.

Most Hulk costumes include a full body jumpsuit which features a black torn pants design along with green, muscular skin plus an angry green Hulk mask. There are also ‘Deluxe’ costumes available which feature a padded jumpsuit (which adds to the muscular image of the Hulk), padded green gloves (which replicate the Hulk’s huge hands) and padded green shoe covers (which replicate the Hulk’s powerful feet).

As mentioned above, the Hulk is part of the superhero team – The Avengers, so if your child’s friends are fans of the movie, you may want to co-ordinate with their parents and create a group costume theme based around The Avengers. This will make your young boy even more excited to dress up as the Hulk and go trick or treating with The Avengers.

Ultimately, the Hulk is a fantastic Halloween costume choice that your child will have great fun wearing on October 31st and one that they’ll be eager to wear again and again. Since the Hulk isn’t specifically linked to Halloween, they can also wear the costume to birthday parties, play dates and more, so will get plenty of extended use from it.


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