Ultimate DIY Halloween Costume Resource

The Enchantress has been featured in comics for decades. She was a regular woman named June Moone. She is invited to a costume party in an old castle where she roams away from the group and encounters a spirit that gives her supernatural abilities to fight evil spirits in the castle. In Suicide Squad she is having trouble controlling her powers. She is unstable and has to have help to keep herself from becoming completely evil. Her costume is a bit revealing and dark in nature. This costume really fits the feel of Halloween and for, those that are, adventurous enough will be a satisfying choice which will attract quite a bit of attention. It is important to get the makeup just right with this one which includes the hair and bangs or you might be mistaken for a zombie or some other spooky character. If you have light colored hair you will want to purchase a temporary black hair color or find a good wig that is designed for this costume. You can most likely find one online. You probably want to avoid trying to modify a wig that was not designed for the Enchantress costume. It might seem tempting but it really has the potential to backfire. Consult a good makeup tutorial so that you can feel confident when you wear the costume.


Certainly among the most ballsy costumes from Suicide Squad for sure, the former freelancer/sorcerer. While her swamp witch look is a far departure from the hooded green catsuit which defined her comic persona, Enchantress is poised to become a popular cosplay for women who aren’t opposed to wearing very revealing creations on the convention floor. Her look can be achieved by sprucing up a black bikini like the Victoria’s Secret Hottie Halter with custom-made chainmail accessories. Inky makeup and a small fascinator like Smiffy’s Mini Top Hat to complete the skimpy cosplay.



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