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Make a Cute Hanging Halloween Mummy Ball

Perfect for a Halloween craft activity with the family.

Before the Halloween week comes, it is better to have your home set and ready for the occasion. One of the common symbols of Halloween is the mummy. A mummy is a deceased human that is preserved using several chemicals. In order to preserve the body, they usually wrap it with a strip of cloth from head to toe. It is often seen in fictional horror movies that mummies raise from the dead. Mummies are traditionally seen in Egypt. In ancient times, they preserve the bodies of important people in their society, and that includes the pharaoh.

As a decorative item, mummy is a perfect symbol for the season and makes for a perfect Halloween Tree ornament. Hanging decors are ideal for the season, not only the Halloween cobwebs but also the innovative Halloween balls.

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to make a fun and easy hanging Halloween mummy ball. We will need simple materials for this project so it is easy to make several of this for the occasion. So if you want some cute mummies hanging in your window, doorsteps or garden, then this one is for you!

Gather all materials needed for this tutorial:

  • egg box

  • acrylic paints (white, red and black)

  • paint brush

  • 2 pcs. black pipe cleaner

  • crafting awl hole tool

  • hot glue

  • pair of scissors


Step 1: Cut two pieces of egg well from the egg box. Make sure to cut the edges at the widest portion of it. This will serve as the eyeball of the glasses.


Step 2: Cut a considerable length of medical gauze. Make a good approximation of this since this will be used to wrap the mummy ball.


Step 3: Make thin strips of gauze. This is applicable to most of the medical gauze since the gauze is usually wide. The thinner the strip the better since it can accommodate the shape of the mummy ball.mummy-ball-photo-4

Step 4: Wrap the styro ball with the strips of gauze. Make sure to give provision to the black area of the ball since it is the eyes of the mummy. Create a wrap in between the eye are for better results.


Step 5: Hot glue the end of the gauze when done wrapping.


Step 6: Hot glue the googly eyes on the black area of the mummy ball.


Step 7: Cut at least 5-centimeter long purple satin ribbon. Glue the ends of the satin ribbon together. This will be used to hang the mummy ball.

mummy-ball-photo-8Step 8: Generously glue the hanging ribbon on top of the mummy ball.

mummy-ball-photo-9Step 9: Tada! Finally done! You can now hang your cute Halloween mummy ball wherever you want!

Wrap it up (Pun definitely intended)

Make several pieces of this Halloween mummy ball since this can be hung under the tree or even in the lining of the window. This is perfectly seen as groups in a certain area. You can add some effects on the mummy ball like fake blood, etc. This mummy ball will definitely set the Halloween spirit in your homes. Hope you enjoy making this!


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