Create a Creepy Halloween Popped Eyeball Glasses


Halloween season is just around the corner.  One of the most anticipated season by the kids and the kids at heart.  People love doing some creepy but fun jokes.  Halloween fun includes creepy things – from a bloody hand, witches, lots of spiders and even bloody substances.  There are several items that are Halloween-themed that can be bought in the market, but isn’t it challenging when you are the ones creating your own Halloween props?


In this tutorial, we will be teaching you an inexpensive alternative to the classic popped eyeball glasses.  Instead of using plastics, we will be using egg boxes.  This is purely safe and easy to make.  Creativity and creepiness rolled into one!  So what are you waiting for?  Let us begin making this creepy glass now!


(eyeball glasses photo 1)  Gather all materials needed for this tutorial:

  • egg box
  • acrylic paints (white, red and black)
  • paint brush
  • 2 pcs. black pipe cleaner
  • a crafting awl hole tool
  • hot glue
  • a pair of scissors

Step 1:  (eyeball glasses photo 2)  Cut two pieces of egg well from the egg box.  Make sure to cut the edges at the widest portion of it.  This will serve as the eyeball of the


Step 2:  (eyeball glasses photo 3)  Paint the egg well with white acrylic paint.  Do a double coating if necessary.  Let it dry for an hour.


Step 3:  (eyeball glasses photo 4)  Paint the narrowest tip of the egg well with black acrylic paint.  This should resemble as the pupil of the eyeball.  Let it dry for an hour.

diy-halloween-props-eyeball-glasses114Step 4:  (eyeball glasses photo 5)  Paint small veins on the body of the eyeball using red acrylic paint.  This will make a distressed-look on the eyeball.  Make random irregular lines around the white body of the eyeball.

diy-halloween-props-eyeball-glasses108Step 5:  (eyeball glasses photo 6)  Wrap the black pipe cleaner on the edge of the widest part of the eyeball.  Generously glue the pipe cleaner around to permanently stick


Step 6:  (eyeball glasses photo 7)  Create at least 2 centimeters curve on the free end of the pipe cleaner immediate to the eyeball.  This will serve as the bridge of the eyeglass.  The length of the bridge would depend on how long the distance is in between your eyes.  This would vary if the one using will be a kid or an adult.  Just make a smart approximate of the user’s


Step 7:  (eyeball glasses photo 8)  Get the other eyeball and wrap the remaining pipe cleaner around the widest edge of the eyeball.  Hot glue the edges to permanently stick it to the


Step 8:  (eyeball glasses photo 9)  Fold the other black pipe cleaner into two equal parts and cut it using a pair of


Step 9:  (eyeball glasses photo 10) Generously glue both pipe cleaners on each end of the eyeglass.  This will serve as the temple of the glasses.  The temples should be parallel on each side to assure the quality of


Step 10:  (eyeball glasses photo 11)  Check if the temples are properly placed and is not falling off.  You can add more hot glue to make it


Step 11:  (eyeball glasses photo 12)  Curve the free ends of the temple.  This will be used to hook the glasses on your ears.  Make adjustments based on your own measurements or the user’s measurements.

diy-halloween-props-eyeball-glasses118Step 12:  (eyeball glasses photo 13)  Poke a hole in the middle of the pupil using a crafting awl hole tool.  The size of the hole would depend on your liking.  Make sure that the user can see clearly through the holes on the eyeball.


Step 13:  (eyeball glasses photo 14)  Tada!  You now have your own creepy Halloween popped eyeball glasses ready for use!


(eyeball glasses final photo)  You can now make several popped eyeball glasses just by using an egg box!  This is a safe, inexpensive and creative way of celebrating the Halloween season.  Make several of these for your friends, siblings or even classmates and have fun hunting around.  Hope you like it!  Enjoy!


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