Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad for 2016 Halloween Costume - DIY Style

Harley Quinn

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There’s no doubt you should consider any Suicide Squad characters for this year’s Halloween dress-up, and one of the best choices would be that of Harley Quinn. With its more adult themes, this Harley Quinn costume will no doubt appeal to many people out there looking for something that lets them show off their assets while looking great in its own right.

Let’s start by saying that this costume, unless you’re looking to do it in a vague manner, is more likely to work for people who think of themselves as creative and willing to throw a lot of effort at what they’re wearing on Halloween. For example, Quinn’s hair in the new film is in two bunches that are died two separate colours, blue and pink, so you can either dye your tips for real or sort it yourself with some temporary colouring.  Next, you’ll need a white tee with a band of red at the top, “Daddy’s Little Monster” scrawled across the chest, which is all possible with a DIY attitude. She has a heart tattoo on her cheek, which is easily drawn on, along with heavy eye shadow and red lipstick. Take a look at your local alternative clothing shop for rings and wristbands, and you’ve got the top half of your costume! From there you’ll need very thin tights and some standard trainers, topped off by your weapon. You can either go for the easy option, buying a gun holster with a fake gun from any costume shop, or buying a baseball bat and making it your own. In the film, Quinn has scrawled “Good Night” on hers, but you could go with something completely news, writing all over the bat to make it your own. Finally, make sure you pick up some strawberry bubblegum on the way to the party so you can blow those trademark bubbles all night!

Depending on how you dress in your everyday life, there’s either a lot or nothing you can reuse with this one. It’s definitely one that you’ll want to invest a lot in if you want to pull off a good version of it.


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