There is no doubt that vampire costumes will be very popular this year! Everywhere you look these days it seems that there is a new book or movie coming out about vampires. These are not the horror stories of old that used to terrify people into hanging garlic and mirrors around their houses or carry a set of rosary beads with them. Instead, they are the stories of tortured souls bound for eternity to be monsters, forever aching to redeem themselves.

The allure of the modern vampire in today’s society is undeniable. No longer the scVampireary, pale fiend that lives only to feast upon human blood and devour the souls of his victims, the new vampire is filled with compassion and longing that is made all the sweeter by his inescapable damnation.
vampire costumeIn a world rife with war and economic upset, it seems that a darker edge has beset society in the past few decades. There is more interest in the macabre than in the lighter, happier venues of entertainment. This trend can be seen in the emergence of emo and goth styles that have extended their influences into just about every clothing choice available these days. People, particularly young adults and teens, seem to be searching for something more, some deeper meaning beyond the chaos of life, an emotional connection that gives purpose to the void they are feeling.
In vampires there lies an unmistakable darkness to which these people feel they can relate on some level. There is an underlying sense of understanding regarding the brutal past these monsters hold within themselves while trying desperately to find way to make amends or live amongst people again. It is a captivating story of power, immortality and impossible redemption that surrounds this new breed of self-controlled vampires.

In the secrets of their pasts, the vampires hold the entirety of history at their disposal. They can sway the unsuspecting to follow their will, move with super human speed and can take all the time they need to seduce someone properly. Of course it is also understood that any real relationship they might wish to have with a human is sure to be fraught with peril. These things combined with the self-restraint that wars within them against the animalistic desire to feed are almost intoxicating to behold in print or on the screen.  These characters are like a constant powder keg of energy, danger and sexual tension.

Of course, vampires who look like Brad Pitt (Louis, an Interview with a Vampire), David Boreanaz (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series), Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen, Twilight) and Paul Wesley (Stefan, Vampire Diaries TV series) certainly don’t detract from the desire to see more of these vicious killers turned hottie romantics in our future. It makes perfect sense that so many people idolize these creatures, when they see them portrayed by men like these, regardless of the deeper, darker meaning behind them. What young lady out there could resist those smoldering stares, verging on the edge of danger as these romantic beasts try to control themselves? The enchantment is also enhanced by the lovely leading ladies that tend to fall for the hunky, tortured monsters.
There is unquestionably something primal and sexy about these beings that stalk the night and fight against themselves and their own kind just to protect the human life they believe is precious despite their thirst for blood. It doesn’t take much to see why they hold so much popularity these days.


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