Get in the Spirit of Valentine’s Day with a Sexy Costume

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to inject some new life into your love life. Choosing a sexy costume and planning a special evening for your sweetheart is a great way to show your special someone how much you appreciate them. Valentine’s Day is one of the few days outside of Halloween when you can really transform into someone else and live out a few fantasies. Valentine’s Day is an indulgent holiday full of gifts, rich food, and usually a lot of alcohol. This year skip the dinner at the fancy restaurant and have dinner at home with your valentine dressed in a sexy costume, or have a Valentine’s Day costume party for all your friends in couples. Finding the right Valentine’s Day costume is easy, if you put your imagination to work. Here are some fun and sexy Valentine’s Day costumes that will inspire you to make Valentine’s Day a night your partner won’t forget:

Sexy cheerleader – If your valentine is a football fan you can’t go wrong with a sexy cheerleader costume. Don’t forget to add accessories like a blonde wig to your costume to make the fantasy complete. If you don’t know that much about football do a little research on your valentine’s favorite team and make up a little cheer to perform. To add ambience to the room put up some NFL posters or decorate the room with pennants and other memorabilia from his favorite team. Watch a game with him, cheering at the appropriate times, and then get ready for some real fireworks.

Naughty nurse– Does your valentine need a dose of romance? Deliver it in a fun and naughty nurse costume.  Don’t forget to add important accessories like a stethoscope, nurse’s hat, and some stilettos to complete the costume.  Add a medical bag full of goodies or fun toys and you’ll be all set to make a romantic house call to your someone special. Red fake nails and a cute bob wig either in white or in another fun color are great additions to a nurse costume too.

Cute Cupid – If you want to deliver a sweet surprise this Valentine’s Day dress up as an adorable cupid. A white toga mini dress or a pink tutu are both great for a Cupid costume, just don’t forget the bow and heart tipped arrows.  Fun stockings adorned with pink hearts, red lips, or little bows are always a great accessory.  Feathery wings in white, pink, or silver add a great touch of whimsy to any Cupid costume.

Dominatrix – If you want to really surprise your valentine this year take control of the romance in a sexy dominatrix costume. A black vinyl dress or a stern looking bustier and skirt will show him you mean business.  Make sure that you add fun accessories like black gloves, a cat tail whip, thigh high stiletto boots or stiletto heels and a bobbed wig to really  transform yourself for the night. Fishnet stockings or thigh high seamed stockings are also a nice addition, and don’t forget the red lipstick.


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