The toys are back in town in Pixar’s long awaited third installment of the Toy Story series.  The Toy Story movies were among the first animated movies to cross over into mainstream popularity and establish the animated film genre as one that could appeal to adults as much as it could appeal to kids. A long string of Pixar hits followed the original Toy Story movie and the second Toy Story movie, but Pixar is returning to their roots to finish out the Toy Story with the third movie.

Toy Story 3 was originally planned to be made and released well before 2010 but contentious relationships between Disney and Pixar delayed the development of the movie. When Disney and Pixar split an entirely different version of the film was planned in which Buzz was broken and was shipped by the toys to Taiwan to be fixed. Once the toys realized that Buzz wouldn’t get fixed and wouldn’t be returned to them they set out to rescue him. That story was scrapped by Disney when Disney bought Pixar in 2006 and a new version of the story was created and set into motion.

Now little Andy, the boy who owns all the toys that have appeared in the Toy Story movies, is all grown up and is leaving for college. As the toys are packed up to be put into the attic they accidentally get put into the trash. Instead of ending up at the dump they are taken out and given to a day care center. The toys rally to save one another from the well meaning but very rough day care children who seem like they are on a mission to hurt or main the toys as much as possible. Toy hero Woody and companion Buzz Lightyear round up the toys to organize an escape attempt, but during one of the attempt Buzz is damaged. To the other toys surprise Buzz’s injuries cause him to reset to his original factory settings, but in Spanish. The Spanish speaking Buzz Lightyear still thinks that he is a real space ranger and that he has special powers. Now the toys must return Buzz to his right state of mind and manage to get themselves out of the daycare center and back to Andy’s house before they all are damaged beyond repair.

All of the beloved toys, and their original actors, will be returning for Toy Story 3.  Tim Allen will be back as the voice of the bombastic Buzz Lightyear, and Tom Hanks will once again voice cowboy hero Woody.  Joan Cusack will once again voice Jessie, Woody’s cowgirl companion who was rescued and joined the group in Toy Story 2. Also returning are John Ratzenberger as Hamm the pig, Don Rickles and Estelle Harris as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Wallace Shawn as Rex, and Laurie Metcalf as Andy’s Mom. Bo Peep, RC, Lenny, and Wheezy will also be returning.  Audiences everywhere loved the charm, humor and storylines of the first two Toy Story movies and are anxiously awaiting the release of Toy Story 3.


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