Halloween isn’t just for kids, adults love to dress up too.  If you’re tired of the same old choices when it comes to adult costumes this year choose something fun like costumes from the popular summer movie The Hangover.  The Hangover was directed by the same director who put out the recent Starsky and Hutch film, Road Trip and the classic Will Ferrell movie Old School.  A combination road trip/buddy movie The Hangover has enough action and comedy to delight fans and make them laugh through the whole movie.  At the box office The Hangover pulled in a respectable amount of money and beat The Land of the Lost to come in first for the weekend of its debut.

The Hangover centers on a group of friends who are traveling to Vegas for a bachelor party. Doug Billings, the main character, is about to get married so his friends Phil Wenneck and Stu Price along with his soon to be brother in law Alan Garner head to Vegas to have one last wild night out before the wedding.  All of the other men are involved in relationships, Stu is involved in a particularly unhappy one and looks at the trip as a chance to break away and have some fun.  The group arrives in Las Vegas without incident and check into their rented suite at the famous Ceasar’s Palace. With a toast they get ready to go party the night away.

They wake up the next morning with no memory of the night before.  When they wake up the suite that they were staying is in wrecked. They find a baby in the closet, and a tiger in the bathroom. Stu has somehow lost a tooth, and Doug is missing. As the guys try to piece together what happened they find clues like Stu’s tooth in Alan’s pocket and a receipt from an ATM for $800.They also find a hospital bracelet. When they go to the hospital they find out the doctor found traces of the “date rape” drug Rufalin in their blood. Stu confesses that he dosed their champagne the night before with a drug he thought was Ecstasy that he had brought with him. The drug turned out to not be Ecstasy but instead to be Rufalin.  They follow the clues and discover that during the course of the night they stole the tiger from Mike Tyson, who makes a cameo appearance as himself. Stu got married to an escort named Jade, who is the mother of the baby that they found in their suite. They also find out that they owe a gambler $80,000 and that the gambler has kidnapped Doug and is holding him until he gets the $80,000. Through the course of trying to save Doug the men realize that the gamble is actually holding a different Doug, the drug dealer who sold Stu the Rufalin. Eventually they remember that they locked Doug, the groom, on the roof the night before. After they let him in and get him to his wedding with very little time to spare they find a camera with pictures documenting their night’s activities. They look at the pictures and then destroy the pictures.

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