It has taken a long time for the film version of the Green Hornet to make it to the screen but fans will be overjoyed to know that production is already in progress and the film adaptation of the Green Hornet will be hitting theaters soon. Unlike some other superhero franchises based on comics like X Men or Watchmen the story of the Green Hornet has taken decades to get to film even though there was a radio serial based on the Green Hornet and a TV show. The TV show, which was very popular in the 1960s, starred the venerable Bruce Lee as martial arts expert, the Green Hornet’s sidekick.

Comedic superhero Seth Rogan will be taking the role of newspaper publisher Britt Reid, who has a secret identity as the Green Hornet.  The Green Hornet’s martial arts expert sidekick and valet Kato will be played by Jay Chou.  The Green Hornet’s faithful assistant Lenore Case will be played by Cameron Diaz, although in the film adaptation Lenore will be more of a sleuth than an assistant although she never makes the connection that Reid is also the Green Hornet.

The Green Hornet is a superhero that is easily relatable to everyday people. Even though he is a descendent of the famous Lone Ranger he is not taken very seriously in either super hero or law enforcement circles and is friendlier with criminals than he should be. This causes some problems as he tries to use his powers to fight crime and makes the police suspicious of his activities so that more often than not he comes under as much suspicion as the criminals he’s trying to catch. The modern version of the Green Hornet promises to expand the story of Britt Reid and give viewers more insight into the character.

The first serious talk of making a Green Hornet movie was back in the early 1990s when George Clooney and Jason Lee were in talks to take on the primary roles.  After that incarnation of the movie fell through it was rumored that Kevin Smith was writing a screenplay of the Green Hornet, but after years of speculation Kevin announced that he was not involved in the Green Hornet project in any way. Fans assumed the project would never make it to the big screen but in 2009 Sony Pictures announced that it was going to make and release the Green Hornet under the banner of one of its smaller movie imprints, Columbia.

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the film version of the Green Hornet won’t have to wait much longer. Some fans are very skeptical about the casting of the film and wonder if Seth Rogan will really do justice to the Green Hornet character but Jay Chou, who was in such hits as Curse of the Golden Flower and Shaolin Soccer, should bring enough action to balance out Rogan’s humor and make the movie a good blend of drama, action and humor.


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