Even though the second Chronicles of Narnia film, Prince Caspian,  didn’t perform as well as movie executives had hoped the anticipation is high for the new Chronicles of Narnia film Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  The third film in the Chronicles of Narnia series will be the first one not distributed under the Disney banner.  It also is sure to influence costumes for Halloween. Disney backed out of the Chronicles of Narnia series after the disappointing returns brought in by Prince Caspian.  But, industry experts predict that Disney will end up regretting that move because the buzz for Voyage of the Dawn Treader is already in full swing and audiences are excited to the film adaption of the most popular book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

In Voyage of the Dawn Treader pint sized heroes Edmund and Lucie Pevensie are back, but are shipped off to stay with cousin Eustace Scrubb for the summer. The children are sucked back into Narnia through a maritime painting and end up on the Dawn Treader with old pal Caspian, who is now King Caspian. They join King Caspian for a journey through uncharted Narnian waters on the Dawn Treader and find themselves in many different adventures battling sea beasts, meeting with magical water folk, and once again fighting to save Narnia from changing into an unrecognizable and inhospitable place. Skandar Keynes and George Henley return to play Edmund and Lucie, and Ben Barnes is also back as King Caspian. Liam Neeson returns to voice Aslan, and comedian Eddie Izzard is still the voice of Reepiecheep.

The filming of the movie was put on hold briefly because much of the movie was scheduled to be shot in Mexico using the same sets that epic water movies Titanic and Master and Commander had used but due to ongoing instability in Mexico the movie studio was worried about the safety of the cast and crew, especially the young stars. Eventually an alternative shooting location in Australia was procured and filming was resumed, although the release date of the movie was pushed back several months as a result of the delay.  Other delays resulting from script rewrites and the uncertainty of the film when Disney pulled out have cost the production quite a bit of time but the movie is on schedule now to be released in December of 2010, just in time for Christmas. The movie will premier in Australia a day before it premiers in the US.

Even though Disney executives didn’t have a lot of faith in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader many parents and children are already looking forward to the film. Since many people have limited budgets for entertainments like movies this year thanks to the current economic situation parents are going to be choosing movies very carefully, and it will take movies like Voyage of the Dawn Treader that have a special emotional appeal to get parents to want to spend money on a night out at the movies for the family. Since millions of parents read and loved the Chronicles of Narnia series when they were younger they will make it a priority to share Voyage of the Dawn Treader with their own children.


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