As soon as you hear the familiar music kick in you will instantly recognize the game. Super Mario Bros is one of the best- selling video games of all time, so it’s no wonder why kids have started dressing up as characters from Super Mario Bros for Halloween more and more. Adults also have embraced the Super Mario Bros mystic and love to dress up as characters from this iconic game for Halloween.  The characters are instantly recognizable and almost everyone can name at least one character from the Super Mario Bros game, which makes them the perfect Halloween costumes. Everyone in the family can dress as a different Super Mario Bros character or couples can each dress as one of the brothers to really bring the game to life. How has a simple game that debuted over twenty years ago managed to capture the fascination of the gaming public like Super Mario Bros?

One of the reasons why adults love these crazy characters is pure nostalgia. The first Super Mario Bros game was introduced in the early 80s. It was one of the first games put out by Nintendo on the gaming system that was state of the art back then.  Millions of adults grew up playing Super Mario Bros as kids.  As Nintendo began to design more and more advanced gaming systems they continually updated the Super Mario Bros games to make new versions that were compatible with their newest gaming systems. Super Mario Bros has been a constant for thousands of game players throughout the last two decades. 
One of the reasons why kids love Super Mario Bros is because the premise of the game is simple, the graphics are appealing to kids, and the actions that you need to take are not too sophisticated for kids to master although at the higher levels the game is challenging. Super Mario Bros is the perfect game for kids who are just learning how to game, so generations of kids have grown up playing Super Mario Bros alongside their parents.  Once they grow up they will play the game out of nostalgia, the way their parents do, which continues the lifecycle of the most famous videogame brothers in history.

The only video game to ever outsell Super Mario Bros have been Wii games, and even people who play the Wii admit that they love playing Nintendo so they can play Super Mario Bros.  The game proves that you don’t need fancy action sequences, elaborate graphics, or lots of killing in order to have a successful game. Just take a fun story, some unique and memorable characters, and a game that isn’t overly complicated to play and there will be a game that millions of fans will love throughout their lives because it was a treasured part of their childhood and a great way to de-stress when they need to blow off some steam from their daily lives.


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