Still one of the most popular comic book heroes of all time, Spider-Man has held our fascination since he was first introduced in 1962. This unique character with his stunning ability to cling to just about any surface, jump incredible distances and spin webs from his hands was an instant success.
Spider-Man was first introduced in a comic book called Amazing Fantasy #15. It didn’t take the Marvel executives long to notice that the sales figures for that issue shot immediately to the top of the list, showing it to be one of Marvel’s highest selling comic books. Without delay they started a Spider-Man solo series which quickly became their top-selling series.

Part of the appeal for Spider-Man was believed to be the fact that the character was actually just a teenager. At that time super heroes were almost entirely adult characters or sidekicks to an adult character. This series featured Peter Parker as a confused high school student living with his elderly aunt and uncle. Plagued with the common problems that teenagers find themselves facing every day, such as loneliness, self doubt and rejection, Peter was a bit of a recluse. He found solace in his books. He was picked on daily as well by the other students.

Then, one day, he attends a science exhibition during which he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Later that day, he finds himself with these unexplained powers which are similar to that of a spider. The superhuman strength, along with the ability to cling to walls and jump incredible distances take some time to learn to control. There is no one to teach him how to use these powers so he has to figure it all out himself. This made him all the more fascinating for the audience.
When he makes a mistake due to his pride in these new abilities, it ultimately costs him the life of a loved one and that changes Peter forever. He learns the lesson that pervades the rest of his life: with great power comes great responsibility.

The character was so easy to relate to that the readers loved him instantly. His pain and inexperience reached inside and grabbed the hearts of all who came to know his story. He used his innate, exceptional intelligence to compliment his new abilities. This combined with the extraordinary powers he was developing become extremely intriguing and it was with great anticipation that the world waited to see what he’d do with them next.
Spider-Man has appeared in many different types of media such as cartoons, coloring books, novels, and movies. The first Spider-Man movie, staring Toby Maguire was released in May of 2002. It was followed two years later by the second movie which was in theaters from June of 2004. The third movie, Spider-Man 3, premiered in May of 2007. The fourth installment in the series was scheduled to be ready sometime in 2011, but Sony, who owns the movie franchise, has decided to go in a different direction than was originally planned, so they are aiming for a 2012 release date instead.
There is no other character that can really be compared with the amazing Spider-Man in regards to the place he holds in the hearts of the fans. Even after all his years and adventures, millions still love him and continue to look forward to the next comic or movie that will allow them to spend some time with this beloved superhero.


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