Many people choose to dress as their favorite musicians when celebrating Halloween. This can make them feel as they are famous, or are part of a popular group or band. For those that are fans of Slipknot, this is no exception. The large band has costumes and masks available that resemble several of the members. With so many people being part of this group, there are several options when choosing which person to resemble come Halloween night.

Some people may simply choose to purchase a Slipknot mask and wear it with clothing they already own. This is because the members of the band are more known for their masks than their clothing. Most outfits will need to consist of a black top and pants to coordinate with the look of the mask. A Slipknot emblem can be sewn or ironed onto the shirt to accent the costume. With so many band members, there are a number of different masks to choose from when dressing up as a person from Slipknot.

Others may choose to forego a mask and paint themselves to look like their favorite Slipknot musician. If done correctly, this can look more authentic as the masks sold will vary slightly from the actual look of the musician. Pairing the face paint with a Slipknot Halloween costume will allow you to completely fit the part of your favorite rock band. You need to be able to paint well, as cuts, stitches, and zippers are commonplace on the masks of the Slipknot members.

As mentioned, Slipknot is a large band. There are nine members that you can choose from to dress up as. You may have a hard time finding some of the masks for certain members, but the more popular ones will have recreations on the market. Corey Taylor, the band’s lead singer, is possibly the most common member of Slipknot that is portrayed at Halloween. Putting your hair in dreadlocks while wearing a Corey mask will help to complete the look.

A group of friends could get together and have each wear a different Slipknot characters. With nine band members, a handful of people have several options on which person they wish to look like for the evening. To look like a true band, these people may carry instruments as props. Being Corey would call for a microphone. Mick and James costumes would need to be complemented by a guitar, while Shawn, also known as “Clown”, and Chris costume wearers could bring along drumsticks.

The famous heavy metal band, Slipknot, provides a number of Halloween costume options. The masks worn by the members of this band are quite scary to most people, making them perfect to be worn on the holiday associated with horror. Many friends who enjoy their music may get together and dress up as the band, especially if they will be attending the same party. If you simply wish to be groupie, you can get a brown Maggot (the term used for their loyal followers) that looks similar to what you would see a killer who escaped from an insane asylum wearing.


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