When you’re searching for great kids costumes you don’t have to look any further than Sesame Street.  There are many different Sesame Street character costumes that are perfect for toddlers and small children.  These costumes are great for kids because the kids will recognize the character, but parents can easily adapt the costume to meet their own child’s specific needs. Often toddler and infant Sesame Street costumes are made up of accessories worn with a onesie or plush footed pajama which is great when you’re taking kids out Trick or Treating and you want to make sure they stay warm and cozy.   Parents can also dress up as some of the adult characters on Sesame Street like Bob or Mr.Hooper.
Sesame Street character costumes for adults are a great way to get in touch with your inner child on Halloween and have some fun too.  Have a Sesame Street themed Halloween party and ask all your friends to dress as their favorite Sesame Street character if you want to have a Halloween party that is a lot of fun but also unique.

Some of the most popular Sesame Street character costumes are:

Elmo – The red furry Elmo is known for his high pitched voice and for being made into the infamous Tickle Me Elmo series of dolls. Love him or hate him there is no mistaking that red furry monster as the curious Elmo.  If you’re going to dress in an Elmo Halloween costume practice talking in Elmo’s trademark high pitched Yoda -like speaking patterns to make the overall presentation more effective.

Bert and Ernie – Bert and Ernie make for a great couple’s costume. These two couldn’t be more opposite, but thrive on each other’s company and 01011626.detail.acouldn’t go without each other for too long. Bert and Ernie costumes are also great for twins or siblings.

Big Bird– Big Bird is probably the most popular Sesame Street character of all time. If you’re going to dress up as Big Bird for Halloween make sure that you get a costume that recreates his famous feathers.  You might need to recruit a friend to help you fill out the costume since Big Bird has some pretty big shoes to fill but it will be worth it when everyone oohs and ahhs over your costume.

Abby Cadabby – Abby Cadabby is perfect for a little girl, or a grown up woman who wants to be a little girl again for a night. Abby Cadabby celebrates all things feminine with pretty feminine wings, lovely hair, and a pretty sparkly dress.

Cookie Monster – Cookie Monster might  have changed his tune about eating cookies all the time but his furry blue face and love of cookies hasn’t changed over the years. Make sure to ask for cookies if you or your kids choose to dress up as Cookie Monster for Halloween!

Using accessories to complete your Sesame Street costume is a great way to polish off the look. There are Sesame Street theme candy carriers, light sticks, socks, ears, hair accessories and more that you can use to finish off a Sesame Street costume in style.


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