Halloween, which is also known as “All Hallows Eve” has long been a holiday of terror. This is due to the idea that October 31st the last night of the sun, and that cold and darkness would begin to cloud the world. It is also believed that this is the night when ghosts and other scary creatures start to roam the world. Because of these traditional views and stories, Halloween has become a popular occasion to dress up in many of the scary costumes that have been created throughout the years.

It is because of the classic Halloween beginning that the traditional horror costumes are still so popular. Each year, you see many people who enjoy dressing up as something scary in hopes they will scare children and other adults. Trick or treating trips will involve arriving to at least one home where a scary masked person will answer the door and give out candy.

Ghost costumes are possibly the most commonly found outfits for scary Halloween costumes. Given that ghosts are so closely related to death and scary stories, it is no wonder why these costumes were so appealing. Long ago people begin dressing as ghosts as they were a very inexpensive costume that could be made at home. All that was need was a white bed sheet with two eyeholes cut into it. Nowadays, ghost costumes come with the same flowing fabric, but may have a mask attached to it for the face rather than just eyeholes.

Vampires make for scary Halloween costumes as well. Since these are also associated with death and terror, they are commonly chosen as the costume of choice for many people each year. These costumes typically consist of a white shirt, black pants, and a black or red cape. The face can be painted white to resemble the paleness of a vampire. Fangs are often worn to reflect the teeth that vampires use to suck the blood from their victims. Women can choose to also dress as these deathly creatures, and their costumes usually consist of a black dress with a cape, as well as the fangs.

For some, Halloween comes with the desire to dress as scary Hollywood bad guys. There have been a many scary movies produced for the night of horror, and many choose to dress as these people when going out on the evening of the holiday. Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, or Leatherface are the most popular choices from the scariest Halloween movies. Also, the killer’s outfit from the Scream movie series is also a popular costume, and one that is very easy to wear as it just includes a flowing black robe and white mask.

Scary Halloween costumes will forever make up a large portion of the choices that people make when dressing up for the occasion. Some will prefer the more traditional outfits of the deadly ghosts and ghouls that were once thought to haunt the night. Others will go for more modern outfits by choosing characters from their favorite scary movies.


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