Sarah Palin Halloween

Sarah Palin burst onto the American political scene practically overnight when she was selected as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election.  It was a shock to the press and to most of the American people that McCain selected her to be his running mate since she has very little national political experience.  McCain’s staff and McCain himself said that Sarah Palin was selected as his running mate because of her common sense approach to politics and her ability to connect with real people.

Controversy about the choice started immediately. Palin  has only been the governor of Alaska for a very short time, and had an unwed pregnant teenage daughter which pundits speculated would not play well with the Republican’s conservative Christian base.  At the time she was introduced as McCain’s running mate and the Vice Presidential nominee Palin has almost no foreign policy or national political experience and made several notable blunders in her dealings with the press that almost cost her the nomination. Her lack of knowledge about the workings of government was  skewered in the news and commented on frequently by the press.

However,  Palin used her folksy charm and plain manner of speech to gather support and a large percentage of the Republican base did embrace her even though she was criticized in the press for her lack of experience and lack of knowledge about politics and national policy. As a former beauty pageant winner she was able to use her looks and charm to win the favor of most of the Republican party but not enough to beat then-Senator Obama . Some analysts say that the choice of Palin as a running mate may have cost John McCain the election, but Sarah Palin choose to stay in politics despite the fact that some Republicans didn’t have a lot of faith in her ability.

In 2009 she resigned her job as Governor of Alaska with eighteen months left to go in her term. She released a book, Going Rogue, which instantly became a best seller. She also became something of a spokesperson for the growing Tea Party movement. The Tea Party is a sub-sect of the Republican party made up of conservatives who believe that the government should have very little, if any, involvement in the day to day lives of citizens. She also works as a fundraiser for various Republican candidates who are seeking money for their re-election campaigns and acts as a political commentator on Fox News. It’s been speculated by the press and by some Democrats that she quit her job as the governor of Alaska to get herself ready for a Presidential campaign in 2012. While Palin herself denies that she has plans to run for the Presidency she doesn’t rule out the possibility and has been quoted saying that she will run if she thinks it is the best thing for the American people and for the Palin family.


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