Alice is back to fight the evil Umbrella Corporation in the fourth Resident Evil film. Even though the creators of the Resident Evil film series based on the video game said that the third film, Extinction, was going to be the last film a new Resident Evil film, Afterlife, is in the works and will be hitting theaters in fall of 2010. The fourth film will pick up exactly where Extinction ended, and it will be the first film of a new Resident Evil trilogy. Mill Jojovich will be returning as Alice, and other cast members from previous films who will be appearing in Afterlife include Ali Larter as Claire Redfield and Spencer Locke as K-Mart. Introduced in this film will be Claire’s brother Chris Redfield played by Wentworth  Miller and the villain of this particular movie, Albert Wesker played by Shawn Roberts. Wesker is the chairman of the Umbrella Corporation and uses holographs to meet with his connections all over the world from his office in Tokyo. In the Resident Evil video games he is an ongoing villain that is  part of many storylines within the game.

Afterlife is the first Resident Evil movie to be made in 3D. Some fans have speculated that one of the reasons why the filmmakers are reviving the series is so that they can make a new trilogy of Resident Evil film in 3D technology that wasn’t available before. Using 3D film technology will allow the director to bring the film even closer to the look of the video game and will also bring a new twist to this highly lucrative film series.  As 3D films become more and more common audiences can expect film studios to start creating new adaptations of many classic action and science fiction films in an effort to update their classic film libraries.

Much of Resident Evil Afterlife will take place in Los Angeles, the latest city where Alice finds other survivors.  When she arrives in a crumbling LA she stumbles upon a prison guarded by zombies that is full of other human survivors, including Claire Redfield’s brother Chris. After rescuing the prisoners Alice gathers her friends and continues trying to bring down Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation in order to free the world. Because all of the original cast are returning, and director/writer Paul Anderson is back behind the camera Afterlife should have the continuity that many sequels lack.  Audiences should be immediately plunged back into the Resident Evil post-apocalyptic world that has grown so familiar through the course of the three previous movies and this time they’ll be plunged into that world in 3D.

Already game and comic conventions are buzzing with excitement for Afterlife and fans are anxiously waiting to see trailers, stills and other pieces of the film before the final product is released in fall of 2010. It may not be on many critics top 10 lists but Resident Evil Afterlife is sure to be on thousands of fans must see lists this year.

We expect Resident Evil: Afterlife to inspire Halloween costumes this coming year.


  1. I really don’t like the fact that they added in some certain elements from the fifth game, such as ‘The Executioner’, ‘Chris Red Field’, and making Wesker seem so much similar in the movie. See, this is the only thing that concerns me about Resident Evil Afterlife. Everything else looks good.


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