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Renaissance costumes are always a lot of fun for Halloween. If you want to really get the chance to live as someone else for a night dressing up in Renaissance costumes is a great way to transform yourself into a denizen of the past for an evening.  Renaissance costumes usually contain replicas of styles worn during the Renaissance period but are not usually made with historical accuracy in mind. If you want a historically accurate Renaissance costume you can create your own by doing research into costuming or you can rent a costume from a prop house or costume rental store. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a costume you can choose from a wide range of fun and sexy Renaissance style costumes including:

The Wench – Wenches are low class women who weren’t as refined as the ladies of the court would have been. Most wench costumes consist of an off the shoulder white peasant blouse, some type of vest or girdle around the waist that is usually brightly colored, and long sweeping skirts and petticoats. The skirts are usually dark colored and the petticoats are usually white.  If you want to customize your Wench costume you can sew some ribbon or trim onto the skirt or the edge of the petticoat.  Simple shoes or clogs and a knightlong wig, usually blonde, are the crowing touches on a fun Wench costume.

The Lady – Ladies of the Renaissance wore elaborate gowns that can be a lot of fun to dress up in.  A Lady’s dress would start with layers of petticoats or a hoop and a corset under an elaborate two piece dress. The top of the dress has a lot of lace and the center panel of the top is usually done in a contrasting color or has some type of decoration on it. The skirt should be long enough to touch the ground, since it was considered scandalous for a woman to show her ankles or any of her leg.  A tiara or head piece is commonly worn with a Renaissance dress although ladies may wish to braid their hair over the top of their heads instead.

The Knight – For men a Knight’s costume is always a fun Halloween costume that will impress the Ladies of the court.  A chain mail shirt and helmet, or a long tunic with trim worn over tight fitting pants and tall leather boots are both appropriate for a Knight’s costume.  Don’t forget to complete the costume with a sword and a cloak.

Jester – Another fun Renaissance costume for either men or women is the Court Jester. Jesters were the clowns of the their day so their costumes are usually brightly colored and have lots of decorations on them including bells on the pointy toed shoes that go with the costume and bells on the pointy hat that is a must have item for a Court Jester. Jesters were usually acrobats and so any clothing normally worn by acrobats can also be added to a Jester costume to make it easier to move and perform tricks in.


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