Lady Gaga

Music has always been part of our lives. We listen to music everyday to send away the blues, to lift our spirits up, to sing or dance along to the beat or simply just to listen to great sounds and rhythm. With almost everybody listening to music, it is no big wonder that more and more popular music artists are coming out. And nobody is ever complaining because these great pop artists contribute to our pride and culture.

American pop music continues to hit not just the US but the the whole world. American pop artists Lady Gagabecome music icons that people idolize. Concerts are held at various corners of the world and the whole world seems to be rejoicing with great music. It is also no big wonder why music gadgets such as MP3s and iPod’s have remained to be almost as natural parts of the body – we wear it and bring it anywhere we go.

American pop music continues to awe and influence the world. Pop music stars are created and everybody seems to be talking much about them. All these contribute to a richer culture that we all can be proud about. It is not just a matter of having great sounds and music coming right from your country but all these are also proof that we have much to be proud of because we are a deep well for talents.

While Madonna still rocks the American pop music scene, there are new names that have come out recently. We all have heard about Paramore, the fresh but powerful young band that have made waves. ParaMadonnamore was formed in Franklin Tennessee and the band member are composed of the pretty Hayley Williams, Taylor York Josh Farro, Zac Farro and Jeremy Davis. Paramore’s albums include All We Know is Falling, Riot! And Brand New Eyes.

Another popular rock music artist from US is Lady Gaga or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (real name). She began as a performer in NY City’s Lower East Side. Her debut album named The Fame became a top grosser in various countries including Ireland, Canada, Austria and Germany. The album’s frst two singles Poker Face and Just Dance continue to be great hits in US and in many other countries around the world. Lady Gaga has sold over 8 million albums to date.

Another American pop artist that should never ever be gone from anyone’s list or iPod is taylor Swift. This young pop-rock artist released her first single Tim McGraw in 2006. Her first album was self titled and made lots of sales. Her second album called Fearless topped for 11 consecutive weeks in Billboard 200. To give the necessary recognition and honor to this talented young American popular music artist, song writer and actress, she was named as Artist of the Year by the 2009 Billboard magazine. Her album Fearless also won the 2010 Grammy Award (Album of the year). Indeed, this multi-talented young lady is a pride of our nation.


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