Pirate Costume

Nothing stirs the blood and gets the heart racing so much as a good pirate story. Reading or watching as the bold, daredevil pirate bridges the watery gap between his own ship and the one he is attacking by Pirate Costumeswinging on a rope and landing with ease on the deck of his victim’s vessel is exciting to say the least. It is enticing to behold the courageous aspect of the pirate. He is his own man, independent. He lives by the rules of the sea which are undoubtedly ruthless and cruel at times. This only adds to the rough, unbound allure of the persona.
Unrestrained and cunning, these mythical men and women hold a mysterious attraction within their being that goes far beyond whatever their appearance might be. They visit exotic places in their seemingly non-stop adventures. They flout the common conventions of polite society with their foul language and their bawdy ways, in a manner that many long to do but would never have the guts to try. They are the embodiment of freedom and adventure that millions aspire to in their dreams.
Buried treasure chests filled with doubloons surrounded by skeletons in pirate hats  and eye patches holding rusted swords; this is an idea that sparks a keen interest in just about anybody who encounters it. The abounding mystery is too intriguing to be ignored.
Perhaps this is one reason why the pirate has long been one of the most popular choices for costumes during Halloween. The thrill of being able to say you’ve taken part in such wild adventures as searching for that elusive treasure map or fighting on the high seas with ruffians who would run you through with their cutlass sooner than look at you, could certainly draw one toward this choice of costumes.
Sexy PirateHowever, there is also that ever so attractive prospect of becoming the handsome, swashbuckling hero, dashing and indomitable, to live for a night in the shoes of a rebel pirate like Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.  Playing the part of a ruthless villain like Hook could be exciting as well. After all, who would ever oppose a man with a sharpened hook where his hand used to be, as he glares at them from behind it?
There are so many different types of pirates to be found that one is never limited to the clichés of the wooden leg and the parrot on the shoulder. Just about any male costume of the era could be adapted for the seafaring man or woman. Yes, do not underestimate the charm of a female pirate costume. These do not to be just wench style dresses or strategically ripped men’s clothing, designed only to give them a sexy appeal in order to work as a lady’s costume. In fact, they can be just as rough as the men’s attire. Female pirates are just about as popular these days as their counterparts. Characters like Morgan from “Cutthroat Island” show that women on the high seas could be just as vicious and cunning as men, and that they are not to be trifled with.
Regardless of the specific characters that people try to portray with their Halloween costumes, there is very little chance of it going wrong with a pirate costume. These classic figures are always fun to play and see.



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