Percy Jackson Halloween

The movie is another creation with basic foundations on legends of Greek mythology. Percy Jackson the protagonist, soon found out that he is Poseidon’s son, ruler or primarily the god of sea and that of earthquakes. He also found out that the beings of the Greek Mythology considered as legends exists and has always been in existence, to include the monsters and Greek gods who lives in Olympus, which is now located at the Empire State Building’s 600th floor. Percy is always under attack by monsters for being one of the sons the “Three main gods”: the lord of the sky, Zeus, the ruler of the sea, Poseidon and the king of the Underworld, Hades who made a covenant after the Second World War not to have any offspring because they were unpredictable and very powerful.

There were other young demigods met by Percy who were friendly and there were also those who were hostile, who were also discovering their powers and ascendancy. Percy Jackson movie was actually an opportunity to give life and modern visual effects to the adventures of Greek mythology which in earlier times back in the 80s were considered to be primitive. The movie was intended to fascinate people of all ages, a combination of modern day setting and mythological creatures.

Although with some modern visual effects in the movie, it is considered to be average it didn’t remain long on cinemas. The way the story go did not really had an effect that would influence viewers to the extent of creating an impression that would last, something that people may want to talk about or generate much interest. Greek mythology is a great masterpiece by past creative writers and would have been much greater and accomplished a lot should the story have been given a classic touch. There is nothing wrong with mixing legends with contemporary imaginations of modern day writers; given the facilities we have today it is a clear manifestation of the advantage Athena Goddesswe have and this movie could have been more than what it had accomplished.

There have been many movies that were like Percy Jackson, it was all based on a book and the story may have gained much interest that it becomes best selling. However when you give life to a story fiction or non-fiction it becomes different. As what we see may not always be something that everybody perceives in what they read.  It is always difficult to please everybody particularly in the field of entertainment; keeping the peoples’ interest aside from cinematography it is important to consider the flow of the story. How it went and connects with the theme, each situation of the film not only should it have significance it should also have the essential element which is to keep viewers’ interest on each part of the scenes. This may sound simple but it actually involves the actors’ portrayal of the characters they play, it is one of the biggest part which should be taken into account, actors’ way of taking hold of the viewers.


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