Nintendo put out one of the first popular gaming consoles but was overshadowed by the arrival of technologically advanced game consoles in the first part of the decade. Nintendo fought back with one of the most popular video game consoles of all time, the Wii.  These days kids love playing Wii but their parents probably  played their first video games on one of the early Nintendo gaming systems that only played one game or had clunky game cartridges. Originally Nintendo was a playing card company that had relatively good success for many decades. As card games became less and less popular with the public the company started to flounder. In the early 70s when the company was in real danger of going under developers started working on electronic game consoles, joysticks, and video games.  In the early 80s Nintendo dropped all its other products to concentrate on developing new video games.

Video game characters are great Halloween costumes and can be a great way to come up with family costume ideas.  Nintendo game characters from both the early days of Nintendo gaming and today’s current Nintendo smash hit the Nintendo Wii can be the basis for many different fun character costumes.  Kids today might not have grown up playing Super Mario Brothers, but it’s a good bet that their parents did.  Super Mario Brothers costumes are still popular for Halloween because Mario and Luigi are now classic gaming characters who are widely known.  ( Mario Bros.Mario Adult Costume ) Here are some other great ideas for Halloween costumes based on Nintendo characters:

Yoshi – In addition to Mario and Luigi costumes Yoshi costumes from the Super Mario Brothers are very popular.  To make your Yoshi costume a real hit start practicing your flutter jump and trying to copy Yoshi’s unique speech pattern so that you stay in character all night.

Donkey Kong – Old school gamers will love dressing up as Donkey Kong, the original video game bad boy. Even though Donkey Kong was originally a character in the Super Mario and Mario Brothers games he was spun off into his own series of more than 20 games.  If you are going out Trick or Treating with your kids have one of your kids dress as Donkey Kong Jr and one dress as Mario to have a fun family Halloween theme.

Princess Zelda – In the Legend of Zelda series of games Zelda gets into trouble in many adventures. She was one of the first major female video game characters and was the role model for many of today’s female characters. In the Legend of Zelda series she is usually rescued by Link, her longtime suitor, who fights the evil Ganon for Zelda’s freedom time after time.

Pokemon characters – Pokemon is still wildly popular with kids and the characters and species from the Pokeman games make great Halloween costumes.  Pokemon costumes usually need a lot of accessories in order to pull off the complete look so don’t forget wigs, makeup and other accessories that will transform you or your child into a beloved Pokemon character.


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