The first Halloween film made its way into the cinema in 1978. With it, it brought tension, horror and lots of screams upon seeing Michael Myers ( Tony Moran) brutally killing the inhabitants of the quite town of Illinois. Michael, a demented psychopath molded in evil, had been locked away in a sanitarium for 15 years after killing his sister Judith Myers( Sandy Johnson). As his doctor, Sam Loomis( Donald Pleasence) and nurse Marion Chambers ( Nancy Stephens) frantically try to catch up with him, Michael goes about slashing his victims without mercy nor reason. One thing that directors somehow overlooked is Michael’s miraculous ability to drive. After being locked away at the age of six with no real contact with the real world, how did he suddenly know how to drive at the age of twenty one after stealing a car?
Michael  was back at it again by his terrifying and equally gripping acts In Halloween II, in 1981. This time he came back for Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). The setting and atmosphere that the movie was shot made it a pacemaker for the other horror movies that tried to imitate it. With the right sounds, lights and each climax being timed appropriately while Michael was on his rampage, Halloween II did not loose its horrific grip since it was first launched in 1987. Michael’s doctor continued to be played by  Donald Pleasence and his nurse by  Nancy Stephens. The entire team made Halloween II a real shrilling sensation that so far has not been outmatched by any other horror film. Hunted by Sheriff Leigh Brackett( Charles Cyphers) and his doctor,Michael seem to always be a step ahead in his killing , leaving the two bewildered about his next strike.

With the success from the last two version of Halloween, Michael was resurrected  to act in a series of Halloween films that managed to maintain the original gore and horror. With such splendid performance from Michael who was later played by different actors, whether in: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers(1988), Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20:20 Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection,  the viewer will agree that the mastermind behind the development of each Halloween film is a real genius.

To ideally introduce the next Halloween Film the producers found unimaginable ways to keep alive the mission and character of Michael. Michael who was cursed by the Curse of  Thorn, a curse which obligates the individual to kill his whole family in order to safeguard mankind, was made an unstoppable maniac in all Halloween films. The explanation behind the curse is a bit weak, as with the rampage that Michael had committed in earlier versions,  there wont be one soul left for saving, even after wiping out his entire family.

With all the possible reasons to justify Michael’s survival outstretched, one has to wonder,  what will be the unthinkable explanation that the directors will find to somehow resurrect Michael for another killing spree?

Halloween costumes of Michael Myers will be popular year after year.


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