Michael Jackson will be one of the most popular costumes this year for Halloween. The whole world was shocked when Michael Jackson died, and it brought more attention than ever to his life and work. The King of Pop’s sudden death over the summer has brought Michael and the Jackson family back into spotlight once again. Michael Jackson masks, Michael Jackson wigs, and copies of his trademark white sparkly glove are already being snatched up by fans eager to dress up as Michael Jackson this Halloween. 

Michael Jackson had a long career and his public look varied wildly. Because of his many plastic surgeries there are many different Michael Jacksons which show all the different stages of his plastic surgeries. So when you’re choosing a Michael Jackson Halloween costume this year you can choose a look from any of the many different public looks that Michael sported throughout the years. Here’s a brief overview of the many faces of Michael Jackson:

The young years – If your child wants to dress as Michael Jackson this year suggest that he or she go as the young Michael. Before he was the King of Pop he was a young boy singing and dancing with his brothers and sisters. An afro wig along with some 70’s polyester clothing and tap shoes or a sparkly dance costume would a great way to copy MJ’s early look. Don’t forget a wide collared polyester shirt and a vest!

The 80’s Michael – In the early 80’s Michael Jackson broke away from his family and was becoming a solo star. He refined his style to include Jerry curls, leather jackets, leather pants, and the single white sparkly glove that would become synonymous with his name. The 80s was when Michael Jackson really ruled the music charts and TV with his videos. If you want to create an instantly recognizable Michael Jackson costume copy one of his looks from the Beat It video, the Billie Jean video, or the iconic Thriller video.

The 90’s Michael – By the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Michael’s music and look got harder. He still kept the Jerry curls but the look was sleeker. A good Jerry curl wig is a must for any Michael Jackson costume since it’s a look he kept for many years. His clothes, like everyone’s clothes at that time, had lots of zippers and a distinctly military look. Combat boots, black cargo pants and a military jacket combined with a Jerry curl wig and a Michael Jackson mask would be a fantastic 90’s Michael Jackson costume.

The 00’s Michael – As the got older MJ lost the Jerry curls and went instead for straight black hair. A Michael Jackson wig or even a straight black wig will give you the hair you need to make this costume work. His face changed many times over the years from plastic surgery so you can choose from a variety of different Michael Jackson masks that reflect his many looks.

No matter which one of Michael’s looks you choose this Halloween have fun creating a Michael Jackson costume and be sure to add personal touches that will the costume unique.



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