Billionaire inventor and super hero Tony Stark is back for more adventures in Iron Man 2. This sequel to the highly successful Iron Man movie of 2008 is the second of three planned films featuring Iron Man. In this sequel based on the Iron Man comic Tony Stark’s identity as Iron Man is unmasked.  Once the government, the military and other powers know that he is the one who has the impressive Iron Man armor and other high tech tools and weapons a race begins to see who can get that technology from him.  Tony Stark refuses to sell or give away the secrets of his Iron Man armor because he is very afraid of power hungry rules and his enemies getting a hold of the technology and using it to take over the world or to destroy their enemies.

Most of the original cast from the first Iron Man movie is back for Iron Man 2.  Robert Downey Jr, who was most recently seen as Sherlock Holmes, will return as rich industrialist turned superhero Tony Stark.  Jon Favreau will be back directing, and Samuel L Jackson will make a few appearances as Nick Fury once again. Gwyneth Paltrow will also return playing Tony Stark’s plucky love interest and closest friend, Pepper Potts.  Jon Favreau will step in front of the camera again to fill the bit part of Tony Stark’s bodyguard Happy Hogan.

There are some new additions to the cast, and a little bit of character editing was done to accommodate the changes.  Terrance Howard, who played Lt. Colonel James Rhodes and War Machine in the first film is not returning for the second or third Iron Man films.  Rumors have been swirling about his departure from the film with officials representing both Howard and the film say that negotiations broke down and led to his departure from the films.  Insider gossip says that director Jon Favreau was unhappy with Howard’s performance. In Iron Man 2 Lt. Colonel Rhodes and War Machine will be played by Don Cheadle.

Also joining the Iron Man 2 cast are Mickey Rourke, who will play Russian super villain Whiplash/Ivan Vanko. Ivan is the son of Anton Vanko, who was the original Crimson Dynamo and created the armor that everybody wants in the original Iron Man comic. Scarlett Johanssen will join the cast as Tony Stark’s assistant, Natasha Romanoff who is secretly a spy and also has her own super hero identity as Black Widow. Original comic creator Stan Lee will guest star in Iron Man 2 playing venerable talk show host Larry King.

With many references to pop culture situations and icons that everyone will recognize Iron Man 2 is an action flick that blurs the line between reality and fantasy by incorporating real people and events into a fantasy world. In this second film of the Iron Man trilogy fans can expect the same heart pounding action as the story of Tony Stark’s struggles to achieve his dreams without allowing his invention to be responsible for world destruction continues.


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