All your children’s favorite Ice Age characters are back in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  Dinosaur costumes are always popular with kids, and now your kids can dress up as their favorite Ice Age characters from the first two films and some new dinosaur characters from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs too.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is an animated film that was created using state of the art 3D technology.  The film opens with Ellie and Manny expecting a baby mammoth.  Manny is busily preparing a home for his growing family and is obsessed with making sure everything is just right. Diego has left the herd because has started to doubt his hunting abilities and wonders if he’s losing his predatory nature.  Sid decides that he wants a baby like Manny and Ellie so he adopts three eggs that he finds which seem to be abandoned. However the morning after Sid adopts them the eggs hatch revealing three baby Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs.  The baby dinosaurs are energetic and scare off all the other babies in the area with their rough play.  Just when Sid is thinking that he is in over his head the mother Tyrannosaurus appears to reclaim her babies.  She take Sid and the three babies and runs off with Diego tracking her.  Manny, Ellie, Crash, Eddie and Diego set off to go rescue Sid.  They go through an ice tunnel and discover a rainforest jungle where there are dinosaurs that everyone believed to be extinct.

The group is threatened by an Ankylosaurus that Diego can’t seem to stop, and the group appears to be in trouble until a new character, Buck, appears.  Buck is a rakish weasel with one eye who is intent on tracking down Rudy, a white carnivorous dinosaur called a Baryonyx, who took his eye.  Buck saves the group and joins them to help in the quest to get Sid back because he has been living in the jungle for awhile and knows it very well. Sid, meanwhile, has been charming the mother dinosaur with his care for her children. He is soon accepted by her and taken in as part of the family. The next day Rudy attacks the little family and Sid is thrown into a perilous fall over Lava Falls. As Sid is lying suspended over Lava Falls Ellie goes into labor not far from the falls.  Manny goes back to help Ellie, Diego take up a position as a lookout for Ellie and Manny, and Buck takes Crash and Eddie up the falls to rescue Sid.

Manny and Ellie have a healthy baby girl that they name Peaches. Sid is rescued, and the group prepares to return to their glacial world.  But on their way back Rudy attacks the group.  The mother Tyrannosaurus appears and knocks Rudy off a cliff, although an ominous growl says that Rudy is not gone for gone.  Manny, Ellie and Peaches return home with Sid, Crash and Eddie.  Buck decides to continue looking for Rudy, and Diego decides to stay with the pack after all.


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