Robin Hood

Robin Hood is one popular figure. This popularity is proven by so many things – Robin Hood movies, Robin Hood cartoons and animation, Robin Hood songs and even Robin Hood costumes for Halloween. We all know him as the man who robbed the rich people so that he can give to the poor. When we think of Robin Hood, we all imagine a man wearing a green suit and carrying a bow and arrow. Let us take a deeper look at how the story of Robin Hood began and how history plays a role in the creation of this popular “prince of thieves”.

In folklore, popular culture and in history, the man known as Robin Hood or Robyn Hod was based in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire of England. Whether he is a fictional character or a real man who existed, Robin Hood will be part of the English rich history. The story of Robin Hood became popular with ballads as traveling minstrels would often sing about his story. Thus, the story of Robin Hood spread and changed with every telling.


His birth was attributed to many places but many believe that he was sired from Loxley in South Yorkshire. Some believed him to be born in 1160 while some in 1285 or 1295. Robin Hood’s character is what made him quite popular. He is known as the outlaw who robbed the rich in order to give to the poor so his support from the common people was never lacking. He is often thought of as a representation to nature (as seen in his green attire) and freedom (as he fought against injustice). While he may be an outlaw who fights against injustice, stories about Robin Hood tell about him being fun and light in character. In modern stories, he and his merry men were often characterized as simple men who can have some laughs despite the seriousness and danger of what they do.

Robin Hood’s weapon is a longbow. His bow is made out of the English ewe tree and he is well known for this excellent skills in archery. This is quite natural in the 13th and 14th centuries as bows and arrows were used in hunting and also weapons for survival and protection. Until his death, Robin Hood is known to have demonstrated his skill in archery excellently.

There are different versions of how Robin Hood died. One of the stories tell about him and Little John going to the Priory in Yorkshire where his aunt is the prioress. One version says that Robin Hood was poisoned to death by his aunt in order to hide the latter’s secret affair. Another version says that he was bled to death under the pretention that the aunt was medicinally healing him. Little John  came to his rescue but it was too late; Robin Hood can no longer be saved from the effects of the poison/bleeding. In a last attempt to give respect to his beloved friend, Little John placed Robin Hood’s bow and arrow on the dying’s hands. Robin Hood shot the arrow outside the window and told Little John to bury him where the arrow falls. The arrow landed in the yard of the priory where his grave can still be seen today.


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