High School Musical is a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale with a twist: instead of feuding families, the star-crossed lovers have to deal with rival high school cliques. As any teenager can tell you, it’s hard to have a relationship with someone your friends despise. But popular basketball player Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and his brainy beauty, Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) are determined to make things work.

The story begins when Troy and Gabriella meet at a ski resort over Christmas vacation. The two sing a karaoke duet and find that they share more than the ability to carry a tune! They trade phone numbers and go back to life as usual.

Fast forward one week, and Gabriella has enrolled at East High School as a result of her mom’s job transfer. She’s pleasantly surprised to find that Troy attends the same school. After seeing each other in homeroom, they inadvertently end up in detention together – along with Troy’s teammate, Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu); president of the science club and academic decathloneam, Taylor McKessie; and drama club leaders (and main antagonists), Ryan and Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale).


Ryan and Sharpay have done a little background checking on Gabriella, and found out that she was impressively academic at her old school. Thinking that Gabriella will be their competition at the winter musical try-outs, Ryan and Sharpay brand her an ‘Einsteinette’ and try to sabotage her relationship with Troy by planting evidence of Gabriella’s accomplishments in Troy’s locker.

Their attempt fails, and Troy and Gabriella show up at the auditions. They’re too shy to get up and sing, however. Sharpay and Ryan try out. The next day, Sharpay is furious to find Troy and Gabriella’s names on the call-back list. Little did Sharpay know, the two lovebirds were made privy to the original version of the song Sharpay and Ryan sang at the audition. While Troy and Gabriella were privately crooning the slower version, they were overheard and invited to the next round of try-outs.

Troy’s new love of singing is interfering with his basketball practice, and Gabriella’s passion for performance is interfering with her participation in the academic decathlon. So Chad and Taylor devise a plan to break up Troy and Gabriella and return them to business as usual. They trick Troy into saying that Gabriella isn’t important to him. Unfortunately, Gabriella is watching the whole incident over a wi-fi link, and she is terribly hurt by Troy’s words.

The two make up, but Sharpay still has plans to keep them from out of the winter musical. She schemes to have the final round of try-outs held simultaneously with the basketball championship game and the academic decathlon. But Gabriella and Taylor put their heads together and find ways toi delay both the game and the decathlon. Troy and Gabriella show up for their call-back at the last minute, and land the lead roles in the winter musical. The movie ends happily with a huge celebration in the school gym, where the jocks, the brains, and the drama kids put aside their differences and celebrate the basketball team’s victory together.   High School Musical has many fun characters that are some of the most popular costume choices today.




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