Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is everyone’s favorite undercover pop star. Hannah is the alter ego of teenager Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus). Miley wanted to enjoy celebrity status without giving up her normal teenage life, so she got the best of both worlds by inventing a superstar persona – Hannah Montana. Now all she has to do is keep her double life a secret. As you can imagine, that’s easier said than done!

 Hannah Montana Luckily, Miley has good friends who help her out of sticky situations. They even have their own secret identities that they use when traveling with Hannah. This ploy keeps fans and the media from making a connection between Hannah and Miley. Miley’s closest friends are the outgoing Lilly Truscott (who goes incognito as Lola) and the flirtatious Oliver Oken (whose alter ego is Mike Standley III). Like all teens, Miley also has rivals at her school. The popular but mean-spirited Amber and Ashley are constantly trying to make Miley and Lilly look bad. And then there’s Rico, the wealthy child genius who blackmails Miley into pretend-dating him. Hannah has her own enemy: teen singer Mikayla (played by Selena Gomez). Mikayla pretends to be Hannah’s friend in public, but plots to steal all of Hannah’s fans. Some friend, huh? 

The celebrity life is fun and exciting, but the overexposure can be exhausting. When she’s finished performing, Miley cherishes the ability to take off her Hannah wig, come back down to earth, and just be herself. If her secret ever comes to light, Miley fears that her friends and peers won’t be able to see past her fame to the real person that lies beneath. She also doesn’t want to disappoint Hannah’s fans by revealing that she’s a normal teenager. It’s a tough situation.

Whenever she needs emotional support, Miley turns to her friends and family. She lives with her father, retired musician Robby Ray Stewart, and her older brother, Jackson Stewart, in a three-bedroom beach house in sunny Malibu, CA. Her other family members include the domineering Mammaw Ruthie and the always-colorful Aunt Dolly. They keep Miley’s head out of the clouds and help her reconnect with her Tennessee roots.

Hannah Montana is a wildly popular series with fans of all ages. You can watch Hannah episodes on Disney Channel, or find Hannah books at your local library or book store. Girls, you could even rock out in a Hannah Montana Halloween costume. When the party’s over, you can take off the wig and enjoy your regular life, just like Miley Stewart.


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