Although Halloween is know for frightening and gory costumes, it has become quite popular for party-goers to indulge in their funny side.  From mocking political figures, to poking fun at celebrities, a funny Halloween costume is available for every taste, good and bad.

If you are looking for a costume for you and a “sweetie” or a close friend, look no further.  The “Bacon and Egg Couple” costume is a great choice to entice the appetite.  It includes “slice of bacon” and “egg” to impress all of your friends with a tasty culinary creation.

For the men out there who are looking to “horrify” the opposite sex, with focus on certain regions, the “Snake Charmer” Adult Costume will bring specifically placed magic.  It comes with a red Arabian-style red tunic, matching turban, vest and baggy pants with an appropriately placed snake.  The snake moves when you move the connected flute for a charming effect.

Keeping with the same theme, the “Party in My Pants” Adult Costume is a one piece torso cover closure that appears as unzipped jeans.  It reveals men’s underwear, with balloons and00136861.detail.a ribbons for that festive feel.  Wear this costume, and your lady friends will be dying for an invitation.

For all the men out there that desire a fabulous physique, why not purchase the Magazine Cover Muscle & Fitness Adult costume?  It is a 100% polyester screen printed panel with 8 poles and 8 connectors.  “Your face here” fits perfectly with this magazine cover that will show off your ripped abs and bulging biceps.  It is an easy to wear costume priced in the mid 20 dollar range.

You too can win the wet t-shirt contest with the “Wet T-shirt Winner” costume.  Be the envy of all of your girlfriends, and catch inquisitive looks from all of your guy friends with Z-cup polyfoam/polyester foam breasts, a see through t-shirt and a sash that reads “wet t-shirt”.  It is a perfect costume that is priced in the mid 30 dollar range.

So cute and fluffy, the “Magician’s Rabbit in the Hat” adult unisex costume is a definite crowd pleaser.  It has two pieces that come with a rabbit top and ears with a bottom magician’s hat.  Hop to it and purchase this costume for around 40 dollars.

Your name is Sandy, no Steve!  There won’t be any explaining on Halloween night about your split personalities because if you purchase the “Split Personalities” adult costume, everyone will be taken care of!  It is a one piece jumpsuit that is female on one half and male on the other half.  Stun your friends with the beautiful red evening gown and tuxedo combination.  This costume will run you about 60 dollars.


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