Food costumes are a great way to dress up in a unique way on Halloween.  Everyone loves elaborate costumes that really stand out and food costumes always make a statement. There are food costumes for couples like Salt and Pepper, Milk and Cookies, Cereal and Milk, and many others.  If you want to go solo there are plenty of food costumes to choose from.

Food costumes are excellent choices for small children.  Toddlers and infants food costumes are easy to assemble and accessorize. Since food costumes for kids usually have bunting or a onesie as the basis of the costume combines with some type of hood  children’s food costumes are perfect if you’re taking your child out Trick or Treating and are worried about your child getting cold.  If you want to make your Halloween party really unique this year have a gourmet food theme party and ask everyone to come as their favorite gourmet food or ingredient. Or, you can have a fast food party and have people dress as their favorite fast food. The possibilities to have fun with food costumes are practically limitless. Here are a few of the most popular food costumes this year:

Taco – Taco costumes for adults and kids are colorful and easy to wear for a night of partying or trick or treating.  The Taco costume looks elaborate but it’s easy to wear. Made from a light foam material so that you won’t get tired wearing it around all night. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a sombrero and carry a few sour cream packets in your pockets to give out instead of candy.

Hot dog– Hot dog costumes are classic for Halloween parties.  You can incorporate your own unique style with a hot dog costume by wearing tights and slippers in mustard yellow, relish green, or tomato red with the costume to contribute to the overall effect. Get your spouse or a friend to dress up as a baseball fan and stick close together all night for a fun twist on both costumes.

Fruit– Fruit costumes like watermelon, apples, pumpkins, bananas and strawberries are great for Halloween. Get a bunch of your friends to dress as fruit and go out on Halloween as a fruit salad. Or, one person can go as a slice of watermelon and others can go as seeds. Get creative! There are hundreds of ways to have fun with food costumes.

Chili Pepper– Another very popular food Halloween costume for adults or 00103317.detail.akids is the chili pepper costume. Chili pepper kids costumes are great for infants because their feet will be covered all night and you won’t have to worry about where their shoes and socks are. Bring a baby sling or a baby carrier though or you might get tired carrying the baby around all night.

Cereal costumes – Cereal character costumes  give you the chance to dress like the pitch character from your favorite childhood cereal. Dress like Frankenberry, Snap, Crackle or Pop, Toucan Sam, Count Chocula or Captain Crunch and you’ll have people complimenting your costume all night.


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