Fairies are always a popular inspiration for Halloween costumes. One of the reasons why fairies are so popular is that there are so many different beliefs that involve fairies.  When people in the US think of fairies they usually think of the Disney idea of fairies. Tinkerbell, the first Disney fairy,  is a tiny being with a human form who does magic with a wand and sprinkles fairy dust. Tinkerbell is the inspiration for many little girl fairy costumes that include pastel colored tutus, leotards, wands, glitter, soft wings that resemble insect wings and soft pink lipstick and eyeshadow. Some of the fairy legends support this idea of fairies and say that fairies are in fact tiny human shaped figures who are inherently good, although they are mischievous. Fairies are known for being curious about humans and are thought to live around and within human societies although they frequently hide and are not easy to spot.

Other legends say that fairies are an ancient race of Elemental beings who lost their place in the world when religious worship entered culture.  These fairies don’t have wings and resemble humans but are huge, like giants. They are thought to hide in the shadows and play tricks on humans, sometimes playing tricks that can cause injury and death.  Lots of different cultures have their own ideas of where fairies come from and what they are.  One of the most well known origins of the fairy comes from the story of King Arthur. His half sister, Morgan Le Fey, is a powerful sorceress who is taunted from birth with the epithet of “fairy” because she is small and dark, and in Celtic culture fairies where dark and practiced magic.  Throughout the legend of King Arthur his sister Morgan is referred to as the Queen of the Fairies and is said to have lived outside the world in a fairyland that existed between the physical world and the ethereal one.  Even though some fairies are said to be evil and some fairies are said to be good, very few fairies were ever thought to have wings until the Victorians showed fairies as cherubic tiny figures with wings.  Fairies were very popular in Victorian literature and culture and Victorian illustrators created an image of a fairy as a childlike, innocent, helpful creature with many human characteristics.

Fairies are popular for Halloween because of what they represent. For many adult women dressing as a fairy is a chance to return to childlike innocence and dress in a fun, slightly sexy, very sweet costume that involves lots of glitter. For little girls dressing as a fairy is a chance to wear a pretty costume that is soft, shiny, sparkly, and often pink. Fairy costumes are usually ethereal and involve layers of tulle to look very soft and cloudlike.  Wands, wigs, ballet slippers, and multicolored glitter are all fun accessories that you can use to create your own unique fairy costume. One of the most fun things about dressing as a fairy for Halloween is that you can create your own unique look based on what you think fairies are and should look like.


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