Disney costumes are always popular for Halloween.  Young children and adults equally love to dress up like Disney characters at Halloween. It isn’t hard to figure out why. Disney characters are archetypes of characters that speak to everyone. Little kids love to play make believe and use their imaginations and the fairy tale like characters from Disney movies inspire kids to dream.  Adults love Disney characters because they are reminded of happy childhood memories like singing along with The Jungle Book movies or waiting for Mary Poppins to show up and take them into a chalk drawing on the sidewalk for an adventure.  Disney characters have changed over the years to appeal to modern audiences but fairy tale appeal of Disney’s heroes and heroines has never died down.

Some of the most popular Disney Halloween Costumes are:

Snow White – Snow White costumes and Wicked Stepmother costumes, along with costumes of the Seven Dwarves, are always in high demand at Halloween.  Snow White has a very unique look among Disney characters.  Her jet black hair can be created with a wig or with temporary Halloween hair dye.  If you don’t have blue eyes you can copy hers with colored contacts. A Snow White Halloween costume will provide the iconic blue and yellow dress that Snow White wears in the Disney movie.  The sweeping Wicked Stepmother costume is regal and intimidating and instantly recognizable.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel, the mermaid who wanted to be human in order to be with her prince, is a classic Halloween costume.  Little girls and grown up girls alike identify with this mermaid princess who is willing to sacrifice everything for love.  Mermaid costumes are also a lot of fun to wear, which is part of the reason why Ariel is seen all over on Halloween.

Tinkerbell – The little fairy from Peter Pan is almost more popular than the boy hero in that story.  From toddlers to tweens little girls love to dress like fairies, and Tinkerbell is one of the most memorable fairies of all. Wings, pixie dust, and other ethereal accessories can finish off a Tinkerbell costume in style.

Prince Charming
– Prince Charming appears in many incarnations throughout Disney stories but he is always dashing, always romantic, and always swoops in to save the day.  Men like dressing as Prince Charming, but little boys may prefer to dress like the pirates from Peter Pan or the Lost Boys instead. Men who don’t think they fit into the Prince Charming mold might also like wearing a Captain Jack Sparrow costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Jasmine – The lovely Eastern princess from the Aladdin story is beloved by millions of girls.  Jasmine’s harem pants and top, along with some sparkly makeup, are a fun costume for an active little girl.  Adult women also love dressing up in Jasmine costumes because of the exotic clothes.

There is a Disney character costume to suit everyone’s personality.  Old or young, everyone has at one point or another dreamt of being the hero or heroine of a Disney fairy tale. Halloween is the perfect chance to create your own fairy tale with a Disney costume.

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