Pet owners are as unique as their pets, and many pet owners love to dress their pets up in costume all year round. There are dozens of different kinds of pet costumes for cats and dogs, and there are even some for horses and other pets. Pet costumes can be as simple as a decorate collar or a headband with a bow or they can be as elaborate as a full outfit with clothing, boots or shoes, and even a wig. In the professional pet grooming world there are competitions all year round for costumed pets.

Some dog groomers will even use a vegetable based dye to dye dogs and cats fur to match a costume or create a costume right on the dog or cat using dye. Award winning doggie dye jobs have included pirate costumes, court jester costumes, flower costumes, punk rock costumes. Dog owners are usually more likely to dress up their pets than cat owners, although some cat owners risk life and limb to make sure their feline companion is always seasonally dressed. Some of the most popular year round pet costumes are:

Punk/Biker costumes – If your pet has an attitude and likes to show it then punk or biker gear is the perfect everyday costume. Leather spike collars for cats and dogs are easy to find. So are faux leather boots for dogs, leather biker caps for cats and dogs, and mini leather jackets for dogs. If you really want to make a fashion statement with your pet’s costume you can combine a spiked collar with a bold colored faux hawk on your pet. Just make sure you use a dye that is safe for animals and will wash out. Leather collars and leashes, or leather harnesses, also get the message across nicely.

Holiday costumes – Holiday costumes are always in season for pets. Halloween costumes are a necessity, especially if you are taking your pet trick or treating with you. Santa costumes, elf costumes, and gift costumes are popular for the winter holidays. A top hat and a tuxedo is a great costume for New Year’s Eve. Add some spats to the costume for a retro look if you want to make your pet’s costume unique. Easter egg costumes, Cupid costumes, and flower costumes are all available year round so you can dress your pet according to the nearest holiday.

Seasonal costumes – If holidays aren’t really your thing you can choose seasonal costumes instead. For summer fun try a pet bathing suit on your dog or cat. Fall brings scarves, sweaters, and warm booties. These are practical costumes, especially for small dogs with short coats that need the extra warmth and the protection of the booties in the cold weather. Heavier fleece jackets and heavier rubber boots are available for winter. Springtime brings light jackets and tee shirts for pets, which can be customized with your own message.

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Sports costumes – Dog owners especially love to dress their dogs in support of their favorite sports teams. You can buy basketball jerseys, football jerseys, and baseball jerseys for dogs along with collars and leashes in team colors with the team logo on them. Sports costumes for dogs and cats are a fun way to show support for your favorite teams whether you’re attending a game or just out in the park.


Images and Pet Costumes courtesy of Spirit Halloween


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