Baby Costumes And Toddler Costumes

Infants and toddlers are a real charm and choosing the right costume for them on Halloween is not a  real challenge, if you know what you are looking for. Without a doubt , there are  many themes to choose from, therefore, making a final decision on which costume to buy can become overwhelming, after all, Halloween only happens once a year.

The first thing that parents should consider is the age of the child and which character or costume will fit best with the personality and features of the child. Choosing for example a scary baby costume for a  baby that is shy and that cries a lot is awkward, whereas a cute bunny costume is adorable even for a baby that is withdrawn.

For girls, the usual color is pink or a neutral color that can be used for both male and female. The most popular costumes that are used  for new born girls are: cute bunny rabbit , Barney, The Little Lamb, little duck, Penguin for infants,little monkey, little lion , little tree air freshener, rabbits, and Bj Barney’s friend. There are, however, others that can be used that are based on cartoon characters, storybook characters and even films.

For a male new born,  the same costumes can be used,  with exception of any costume that can be clearly identified as a better fit for a girl. The color pink is totally out of the question and usually blue is used, or a neutral color suited for both male and female. Once again, it will depend entirely on the child’s features and personality, costumes that are cute and cuddly should be reserved for girls, whereas boys go well with less cuddly costumes.

Toddlers aren’t more challenging to please when it comes to Halloween. Their costumes should be based on more mature characters taken from story books, cartoons or even films.The Flintstones for example, is an excellent cartoon that can be used as a deciding guideline  when choosing a costume. A popular character from The Flintstones would be Pebbles Child for girls. Other examples that are also popular with girls are Abby Cadabby , Dora, Lil Red Riding Hood, Santa girl, Little Reindeer, little elf and Agua Blue Fairy.

Boys usually go well with blue Doodlebops, Bob the Builder, Ash Ketchum and Diego Boys Costume. The possibility of Spider-man, Superman, Hulk and X-men should not be ruled out, as these are popular cartoon characters with the younger generation. 

Parents or toddlers,who do not wish to be identified with a particular character can choose a costume based on everyday themes.This adds much originality on Halloween as the likelihood  of bumping into a toddler with the same costume is reduced. Some common day themes for boys can be: firefighter,policeman, pirate and  Santa’s helper.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing a costume for an
infant or toddler is the type of material used to make the costume. Polyester, for example, is a lighter type of material and it best used on hot Halloween nights. Cotton on the other hand, acts as an insulator for cold Halloween nights.


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