Halloween can be just as much fun for infants and toddlers as it can be for older kids, but when you’re choosing costumes for your little ones it’s important to take into consideration some of the special needs that infants and toddlers have.  Here are some things to think about and fun costume ideas for infants and toddlers:

Weather – if you live in an area where fall is in full swing by the time that Halloween rolls around you should pick a costume for your infant or toddler that comes with some layers or is thick enough to keep your child warm without having to put a coat on the child. If you live in an area that is cold by Halloween some good costumes for little ones are: a pumpkin, an Easter egg, a punk rocker,  an elf from Santa’s workshop, a dragon, a bunny, a teddy bear, a fish or dolphin, or other animal costumes.  If you live in an area that isn’t quite so cold during the winter then you can choose from costumes like: a mermaid, a hippie, a flapper, a fairy, or another costume that isn’t made of heavy fabrics.

Ease of Movement – Even though infants won’t need a lot of room to move in their costumes you should pick infant costumes that are easy to get on and off to make diaper changes easy. A good choice for infant costumes is to pick one of your child’s favorite TV or book characters like Blue from Blue’s Clues, Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer, a character from Sesame Street, Curious George, or one of the Teletubbies. These costumes usually are made up a single piece that zips which make diaper changes and getting the infant in and out of the costume easy.  For toddlers look for costumes that won’t restrict their movements or make it difficult for them to walk with tripping.  Superhero costumes are great choice for toddlers because they usually have tights and leotards that make movement easy but keep kids warm. Ballerina costumes, cowboy costumes, and animal costumes that have sturdy feet also are good choices for toddlers.

Minimum fuss – If you’re looking for a costume for an infant or toddler look for costumes like a cat, a bat, a puppy, a policeman, a witch, a bug, and other costumes that don’t have a lot of pieces or require a lot of makeup.  Chances are good your infant or toddler isn’t going to sit still while you dress him or her up in a fussy costume and will end up wiping off any makeup you put on them.  So choose a costume that is fun but also simple. That way the costume will look just as good at the end of the night as it did at the beginning of the night.

There are a lot of adorable infant and toddler costumes you can pick from so remember to have fun and pick a costume that reflects both your personality and your child’s personality. It won’t be hard to find a costume that is safe, weather appropriate and fun for both you and your child.


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