Occasionally many people act upon idea by depicting it through a representational form with clothing. They may choose to even copy their favorite character and act as he/she would act in a normal setting. The term that is used to describe this is called cosplay.

Cosplay has its roots in Japan, but has extended itself worldwide to even North America. The English term for cosplay is costume play and cosplay participants are called cosplayers.

For some,  it is just wearing a costume, for others is involves more involvement that just the physical apparel, it involves the inner being of the person and his desire to act in a particular fashion, from certain memorized scenes or ideas that he may have.

Many would associate cosplay to Halloween, but both are different based on one thing , and that is detail. Cosplayers do not just put on a costume and pretend they are particular character, they take it more personal and pay careful attention to the slightest detail on each costume to ensure that all is in line with perfection. They take great care to ensure that everything is properly combined to make their character as real as possible. From the color to the type of material being used, cosplayers are more ‘serious’ about dressing up that those who dress up for Halloween. For most Halloween participants, it is just a costume, for cosplayers it is an expression.

There are essentially two types of cosplay, namely: basic and masquerade. The difference between the two lies in one’s involvement  with the costume. Basic cosplay is a faint attempt to copy a certain character, whereas masquerade involves acting as that particular character.

Cosplay in Japan is done  more frequently that the USA. In Japan for example,  there are special streets and places that are devoted to cosplayers all year around. In the USA, however, everything has a time and place and cosplayers usually get to come out of the closet only in anime and sci-fi  conventions.  

Depending on the cosplayers intent, he or she will have to have a thorough knowledge of the character that will be copied. The most popular characters that entered in and out of the thousands on anime conventions are: Naruto, Freeza and great attempt  has been made to copy the Transformers.

The conventions are of particular interest, as they bring together a wide range of artist that have invested money and time in their outfits and onstage presentations. Though for some it is simply a waste of time from people who have absolutely nothing to do with their lives, for others it is an expression of what or who they like the most.

Magna and video game characters are also popular themes for most cosplay actors. While Japan may consider just about any of the themes as cosplay, the USA has restricted itself to just anime, magna and gaming. Europe, like the USA  is also experiencing an increase in the amount of cosplayers who appear at the many conventions held to honor their artistic talents.


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