Britney Spears Halloween costumes from each period of her life are extremely popular for different reasons.  Fans who really like Britney Spears or who want a very sexy Halloween costume usually dress like Britney Spearks from the beginning of her career. The schoolgirl outfit she wore in the Baby One More Time video is a great Halloween costume when combined with a blond pig tailed wig. As Britney got older and started exploring her sexuality her style got a lot sexier but in a very unfashionable way.  Fashion analysts trashed her choices of vinyl catsuits and leather bondage gear but they make great Halloween costumes. The personal and professional breakdown that followed is the inspiration for many Halloween costumes worn by people who aren’t fans of the pop tart.

Britney Spears h it big while she was still very young, which is sometimes blamed as the reason for her eventual breakdown.  But she trained from early childhood for show business success. She spent years taking gymnastics and also taking singing and dancing lessons. She tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club when she was eight but the producers thought she was too young. Undaunted she tried out for Star Search, a popular talent competition in the 80s. She won the first round but lost in subsequent rounds. When she was older she tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club show again and made it along with several of her peers who would also go on to be huge pop successes like Christina Aguilera.

Her first pop single was Baby One More Time. It was written and created for a young adult market but women of all ages embraced it and the single went platinum fourteen times, meaning more than fourteen million copies were sold. Almost instantly young Britney Spears became a pop sensation. Parents and legislators were concerned with the over-sexualization of the underage star and there was a lot of controversy about Britney Spears’ music videos, photographs in magazines, and fashion choices.

Britney’s downfall continued through the years. Two failed marriages led to two children who were nearly taken away from her after a photo surfaced in the media of her driving a car with one of the babies in her lap instead of in a car seat.  Other questionable parenting practices were given as the reason for a Department of Family Services investigation although the children were left in her care. Mediocre album sales and continued stress in her personal life led her to have some type of a breakdown eventually. The court intervened and appointed her father to manage her estate and look out of her. After a lot of drama and months of recovery she started working on a new album and started trying to stage a comeback. After a few false starts she launched a new album and a new tour. The media criticized her ballooning weight and costume changes, and she continues to battle bad press but it seems as if her fans still support her and she still wants to make music.

Sexy School Girl Costume


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