The recent Tim Burton adaptation of the story of Alice in Wonderland has renewed interest in a classic childhood tale that has been celebrated around the world for inspiring the imagination of children and making adults remember the joy of being a child.  In the Tim Burton adaptation of the story Alice is all grown up, and returns to Wonderland as an adult when she is running away from a marriage proposal that she doesn’t want to accept.  Falling through the rabbit hole again into Wonderland she starts to remember bits and pieces of her adventures in Wonderland before, although this time the inhabitants of Wonderland have brought her back to help them fight off an enemy who wants to overtake Wonderland. This new twist on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland has spawned renewed interest in Wonderland and in the classic Alice in Wonderland characters.  Already Alice in Wonderland costumes based on the interpretations in Tim Burton’s movie are selling out for Halloween and also for birthdays, parties, and even wedding receptions that have an Alice theme.  The amazing costumes and makeup in Tim Burton’s imaginative re-telling of the classic tale will be some of the most sought after Halloween costumes in 2010 because of their artistry and fantasy.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular children’s stories of all time. The entire ‘nonsense’ genre of children’s literature sprang from the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland which was written by Charles Dodgson under the pen name of Lewis Carroll. He told the stories originally to the children of a friend of his to pass the time during a river trip, and the children loved them so much he later wrote them down and published them. All of the characters that he created for the stories are animal versions of people who were known to the children, and Alice herself was based on one of the children.

The tales of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland went on to influence other famous tales.  Some literary critics say that Carroll’s books about Alice led to other famous stories about girls who are dropped into alien and unfamiliar worlds and have adventures meeting strange characters like Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz, Lucy Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia, and Wendy in the Peter Pan stories. Another famous novel, Finnegan’s Wake, also borrows from the Alice story.  There have been more than a dozen retellings and interpretations of the story of Alice in Wonderland throughout the years in film, TV and in literature and those retellings have also influenced writers and film directors to add their own visions of Wonderland to the original vision that Lewis Carroll committed to paper so long ago.  There is a lot of artistic variation when it comes to creating costumes for the characters of the Alice adventures because there are so many different interpretations of the story. The stylists and costumers who worked on the latest adaptation of the story created costumes that are in keeping with the feel of the original story but have a modern twist to them which will make them popular choices for Halloween costumes for years to come.

Alice In Wonderland Costumes


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