The accessories that you choose for your Halloween costume can make or break the costume. In some cases the accessories are so critical to the costume that without them the costume is no longer identifiable. Can you imagine a flapper costume without the flat headband and long cigarette holder? How about a Cleopatra costume without the braided wig? Accessories give Halloween costumes a polished, pulled together look. If you want your Halloween costume to look great don’t skimp on the accessories.

also allow you to personalize your costume to your own taste while at the same time staying true to the costume.  A witch costume needs to have a hat and makeup, but the type of hat and the type of makeup are entirely up to you.  A punk rocker costume has to have wild hair and some spiked jewelry but the color and style of the wig, or what spiked jewelry to wear, or what bold eyeshadow to wear are all things that you can choose to express your own personality while wearing the costume.

Accessories also are a great inexpensive way to create a costume.  If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a fancy costume like a Renaissance woman costume that comes with an expensive dress and wig you can make an outfit from clothes that you already have and use accessories to pull the costume together so that people will know what you’re supposed to be.  If you need a last minute costume an outfit from your closet combined with the right accessories can create a great looking costume in a short amount of time.  Some of the accessories that can really finish a Halloween look are:

Wigs – Wigs are a very important part of a Halloween costume. There are wigs in all colors, sizes and hair lengths to choose from.  The standard long black wig is a good one to keep around because it can go with just about any costume.  The black bob wig is a classic for women.  Bob wigs in unusual colors are also a fun way to create a Halloween costume.  Blonde wigs are also often used in costumes.

Makeup – From fake blood to black eyeliner to bold eyeshadows and black lipstick makeup is one of the most fun accessories for Halloween.  Makeup can transform you into anyone or anything that you want to be. Monster makeup is great for people who don’t like masks but want to complete a scary costume. Vampire white powder is always a good thing to have around too. You can get professional theatrical makeup if you’re going to be creating a very detailed face for your costume or you can use less expensive makeup created just for Halloween.  If you’re going to be putting on lots of makeup always put a little on the inside of the wrist, where the skin is most similar to the skin of your eyes and lips, and wear it for awhile to make sure you aren’t allergic to the makeup you’re going to use.

Miscellaneous accessories – Don’t forget about the other miscellaneous accessories that will have a dramatic impact on your costume like fangs, scars, scabs, moles, plastic ears, animal ears, capes, stockings, gloves and veils. Halloween is the one chance you have each year to live out your fantasy for one night. So use accessories to help make your fantasy costume a reality and have fun!

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