In the early 70′s the popular styles were remnants of the Hippie movement and some Mod inspired mini dresses although the mini dresses tended to be solid color.  There are a lot of ways to add variety to a 70’s costume by using wigs, jewelry, and accessories like tights or socks.  The mid to late 70’s saw the rise of disco so disco and club kid costumes are ideal for a 70’s theme.  Tight suits with oversized collars and open collared button down shirts in shiny fabrics and bright colors were all the rage for men.  Ruffled shirts were also very popular. Platform shoes are a must for any 70’s costume for both men and women.  Catsuits were popular evening wear for women, especially halter neck catsuits with flared legs worn with lots of big gold jewelry.  Hot pants in a range of colors and dancewear like leotards also became popular during the late 70s.  Long flowing dresses and caftans were also a signature trend of the 70’s.  Peasant blouses, lace up cotton tunics, and other ethnic style tops worn over super tight jeans were commonly worn as casual wear.

Ethnic clothing became a very popular mainstream trend in the 70s after being introduced to culture by the Hippies in the 60s. Long flowing bright color skirts from India, Nehru collared jackets and shirts for men, tunics for both sexes and embroidered flowing caftans and head wraps for women were all popular.  One of the necessities for any 70’s costume is having a great wig. The Charlie’s Angels TV show in the 70s brought the “Farrah Flip” hairstyle into popularity and it was all the rage for several years.  To really make your 70’s Halloween costume authentic add a “Farrah” wig to any costume along with lots of pastel eyeshadow, pale pink lipstick, and brightly colored friendship bracelets. Women also frequently wore thick white tights and patent leather shoes that were shined until they sparkled.  Many of these  Halloween costumes can be purchased at Spirit Halloween.

Because a lot of the 70’s fashion trends mirrored the trends of the 60s and foreshadowed the trends of the 80’s you can wear costumes reflecting trends of either the last 60’s or the early 80’s and still fall within the 70’s costume range.  Another popular trend of the 70’s was iron-on patches, so you can take almost any costume or simply create one from a tee shirt and a pair of tight, short shorts and iron-on patches from popular TV shows of the time, musical groups of the time, or use iron-ons with typical 70’s slang phrases like “Keep on Truckin” on them to create a great 70’s costume.  Tube sock worn to the knee with short shorts, tight tee shirts, and thick head and wrist bands are a great 70’s Halloween costume. No one will ever want to admit that they dressed that way in the 70’s but everyone will get the costume immediately because everyone did dress like that in the 70’s.


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