There are a lot of really fun 60’s Halloween costumes for everyone ranging from small kids to older adults. The 60’s were a time of social upheaval and the creation of a visible subculture, so you can choose from mainstream icons and 60’s style figures like Twiggy to dress up as or you can go the opposite way and choose to dress as a hippie or free spirit. Here are some ideas to inspire your 60’s Halloween costume:

Mod – Mod fashion was all the rage in the early 60’s.  For the women Mod fashion means tight mini dresses, usually in bright colors or with patterns. Mod dresses had a very architectural look and often used bright contrasting colors or cut outs to create shape and dimension. Unusual materials were also commonly used to make dresses. The super short mini dress was usually paired with brightly colored or patterned tights, or fishnet stockings and knee high go go boots.  Go go boots are available with low heels of just one or two inches all the way up to six inch platform heels.  Platform sandals and wedges were also popular.  For the men Mod clothes were usually patterned as well, and flower print shirts, paisley shirts, polka dot and tartan shirts were all popular, especially when worn with flat front pants. For ladies a sleek Mod wig and fake eyelashes are a great way to finish off a 60’s Mod costume.

– There is almost no way to get a hippie costume wrong. Your Hippie costume can be simply a tie dye tee shirt and ripped jeans with a long hair wig and headband or you can go all out and wear love beads, an ethnic patterned tunic, jeans and sandals. Vests were also very popular during the 60s, usually in suede.  Hippie girl costumes usually consist of sweeping tie dyed skirts or patchwork long skirts made from lots of brightly colored and patterned fabrics. Hippie costumes for women also can be short patchwork mini dresses that are loose and flowing, usually with an empire waist. Headbands, small round colored sunglasses, and peace patches and pins are standard Hippie accessories.  Hippies usually had long hair that was worn loose and held back by a headband or worn in braids. Hippie wigs are a great way to get the authentic Hippie look even if you have short hair.
If you want to dress your baby up as a Hippie for Halloween turn your baby into a Grateful Dead bear for the night with a brightly colored onsie suit, the kind with feet, and a hood. Hippie costumes are great for babies if you live in a place where it gets cold by Halloween and you want to make sure that your baby is warm and covered but still looks cute for trick or treating.  Dress the whole family as Hippies because Hippies usually travelled in packs, just make sure that at least one family member carries a tambourine!


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